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Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Deal with Your Kid’s Outgrown Clothing


Whether you have one child or several, it can be very difficult to stay on top of an ever-growing mountain of outgrown clothes. Kids go through many periodic growth spurts, leaving behind a trail of pants, dresses, shorts and tops that are suddenly uncomfortably snug.

To add to this problem, doting grandparents and friends often send frequent gifts of clothing that may only be worn once or twice before becoming too small. If you are struggling with an outgrown clothing problem in your home, Mopfrog of Danbury offers some effective ways to end the struggle and win the war!

Organize and Reduce

In most families, kids (and adults) often develop an affection for a few favorite clothing articles and ignore the rest. Instead of trying to change this habit, learn to work with it by reducing the number of outfits that your kids have to choose from. In most cases, kids only need 5 – 6 outfits suitable for school, along with some play clothes and a couple of nice outfits for church or special occasions.

Opt to organize clothing twice per season, and repair or replace worn, torn or outgrown articles at that time. If the item is stained or unable to be repaired, remove the buttons and recycle them by cutting them into rags, trims and zippers for mending or craft projects.

If there are younger children in the home, pack away any suitable clothing items in a well-labeled storage tote until needed.

Give Outgrown Clothes a New Life

If there are no younger kids in the home who can use an older child’s outgrown clothing, use these options to give the items a new lease on life.

  • Get together with other parents and hold a clothing swap. Trade in your kid’s outgrown clothes for more appropriate sizes. This, however, only works if the moms attending the exchange have kids of various ages. Appoint a couple of parents to donate any items that are leftover to a local church, shelter or charitable organization.
  • Make outgrown clothing pay for its own replacement by selling unneeded outgrown items through a local consignment shop. Use the store credit or money earned to maintain a separate clothing budget to help replace children’s clothing as needed, throughout the year.
  • If an item holds special memories for parent or child, consider upcycling the clothing and making a memento. Favorite sweatshirts, T-shirts and other memorable outfits can be turned into quilt blocks to enjoy for years to come. Baby’s first shoes can also be turned into framed wall art.
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