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Creative Tips to Contain the Kid’s Toys


If you have children, you are well aware of what each birthday, holiday and outing with the grandparents is likely to mean – yet another toy to add to an already overstocked supply! If you are tired of finding toys under the couch cushions and under foot, it may be time to make some simple changes that will make it easier for your little toy magnets to keep control of their growing collections!

Streamline Storage to Make Putting Toys Away Easier

If your home’s current toy storage area consists of a single, jumbled box or bin, kids may unconsciously balk at putting toys there because they find it difficult to retrieve all the toys and accessories later.

Mopfrog of the Hamptons suggests adding creative, dedicated storage options that will make it easy for kids to put their toys away properly, while making them feel confident that they can easily retrieve them whenever they want.

  • Hang shoe bags on the back of the closet and or kid’s bedroom doors to hold and organize dozens of small items like cars, Barbie dolls, action figures and more.
  • Incorporate one or two upholstered storage cube in the family room or living area to hold board games, decks of cards and other games that are used as a family.
  • Turn your old office file sorters horizontally so toddlers can slide chunky puzzles and coloring books into them easily.
  • Use a fishing tackle box to store crayons, markers, chalk and pencils. The lift out tray in the top will keep erasers, safety scissors and other small items neatly contained while the bottom holds crayons and drawing essentials. The handles also make them easy for even toddlers to grab and go when its time to play.
  • Encourage children to read by keeping books ready and visible in their room and throughout the home by turning wooden spice racks into a decorative, yet affordable shelving.

Encourage Kids to Share the Abundance

Plan a yearly toy drive right at home and have each child choose several outgrown or unused toys to donate to a local homeless shelter or community organization. Encourage them to choose their donations carefully by considering how much enjoyment another child might get from them. These early lessons will help kids learn to be generous, as well as cut back on the amount of toys that you, the parent, must deal with!

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