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A Non-Toxic Way to Handle Your Kitchen’s Worst Chore


Kitchen cleaning chores are some of the most difficult. In most homes, the kitchen doubles as not only a place to prepare meals and store food, but also the place where families gather to talk, play games and spend time together. With this type of heavy usage, it is no wonder that supermarkets and other retailers stock row after row of harsh, chemical cleaners intended to help consumers clean their kitchens.

What these retailers don’t want you to know, however, is that you already have all the ingredients you need to cut through tough kitchen grease and grime in your pantry and even better, these ingredients are non-toxic, have no irritating odors and are safe to use around children, pets and food preparation areas.

Oven Cleaning in a Box?

Cheap and plentiful, baking soda is an ingredient found in nearly every home in America. Used in baking, it helps breads and baked goods rise properly, as well as freshening the interiors of our refrigerators and freezers. But many people do not know that baking soda is also an excellent oven cleaner that works, yet gives off no harsh odors and does not require the use of rubber gloves to protect skin from dangerous chemicals.

To use baking soda to clean your oven, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure the oven is cool, then remove the racks and place them in the sink full of sudsy water to soak
  • Wipe loose food particles from the oven and dispose of them
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water, aiming for the consistency of a thick cream
  • Apply the baking soda paste to the walls, floor and interior of the oven door, making sure to put an ample coating on areas with heavy soil
  • Spritz the baking soda mixture with a spray bottle containing a solution of three parts plain water to one part white vinegar
  • Let soak for a few hours or overnight
  • Wipe away the dried baking soda paste with a microfiber cloth
  • Spray the interior with the vinegar and water solution once again and wipe any remaining residue from the oven interior
  • Wash oven racks and dry thoroughly before replacing them
  • While one treatment is usually enough, heavily soiled ovens may require an additional treatment to remove tough-baked on soil

Once you experience the ease and results you get by using all natural cleaning solutions, you will wonder why you waited so long to give them a try.

Mopfrog of North Buckhead, a leading eco-friendly cleaning company, takes great pride in providing safe, effective, all-natural cleaning methods and techniques to every one of their customers. Call them today and make an appointment to have them handle your spring cleaning chores this year, while you enjoy the beautiful spring weather!

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Seasonal Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

Summer still has a good few weeks to go until it officially ends on the 22nd of September. The thing with summer is that it is considered a holiday season, the kids are off school, more time is spent outdoors, and vacations are part of everyday life.

The only problem is that dirt, grime, and household cleaning don’t take vacations, so while you have taken it easy, the dirt and chores have piled up. The winter months will soon be here, so now is a great time to get that house of yours in order; it’s time for some coordinated focused cleaning!

Have you got what it takes to get the job done?

Ideally, it would be best to call in the cleaning professionals if you’ve let the chores go for too long and let them deep clean it. After the initial cleaning, it would be up to you to stay on top of the chores again. If you do decide to clean all on your own, the first thing you need is to take stock of all cleaning equipment and solutions you have on hand. Then assess the extras needed. This is the main difference between hiring a professional cleaning company; they already have everything ready, their own equipment and cleaning solutions.

Make sure you understand which products are needed to ensure a thorough cleaning of your home. Things like, carpet green cleaning solutions and corrosive polish, all needs checked to make certain they are safe to use on the furniture and any other items prior to use.

mopfrog-cThe thorough cleaning of your home goes way beyond simple vacuuming tasks and dusting a few window ledges.  Summer time is when you should target areas you have been avoiding all year; those areas are noticeable by the presence of cobwebs and hanging dust strings.

Focus on all the ceiling corners in each room, along with any ceiling fans and light fixtures. After cleaning the cobwebs and dust, then it’s time to wipe down all the baseboards.

As the summer is ending, it’s a great time to clear the fridge of any food near its end, or well past its end! The best way to clean out the fridge is to stack all quality food at one side and put any expired products in the bin, take out each shelf to be cleaned one at a time.

Work quickly to clean the fridge to avoid making the chilled food sit at room temperature too long. Wipe down and clean the inside of the fridge, including its base to a high standard, make sure to use non-toxic cleaners like distilled white vinegar and baking soda.

Don’t forget to pull the fridge out and clean underneath, and dust the cooling coils at the back of the fridge. This seems like a lot, but it’s necessary to prolong the life and performance of your fridge for as long as possible.

Using the last of the summer heat and sunshine is a great opportunity to freshen up the bed sheets, pillows, curtains, and throws wash and hang out to dry. Promote better sleep by turning the mattress to allow extra support for those winter days when long sleeps in a warm bed can’t be beat.

If you require additional help, or do not have the time to clean your home thoroughly, consider the services of a local professional cleaning company, like Mopfrog. Ask their advice on cleaning, and if they are offering seasonal discounts. Spend the rest of the summer enjoying the sunshine, your kids, by relying on the help of cleaning professionals.


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