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Myths About Green Cleaning

When people convert to the use of green cleaning products and methods, one of the first things they notice is how well they really work. It is not until they try to share their excitement with friends and relatives that they discover the myriad of myths that exist on the topic. Here are a few of the most prevalent myths surrounding green cleaning.

Myth Number One: It’s So Expensive

False: In efforts to compete with conventional products, there are many commercially available green cleaning products that have comparable price points to that of more chemically intensive floor or surface cleaners. Furthermore, some green cleaning products are sold in a concentrated form, thus making it a more economical choice. When purchasing concentrates, you are helping to conserve resources, reduce the amount of plastic ending up in landfills and minimizing water consumption. When properly diluted, concentrated products and detergents often equal several bottles of the commercial cleaner.

Myth Number Two: It Doesn’t Work

This is the biggest myth about green cleaning that exists today, yet dispelling it is as easy as getting disbelievers to try eco-friendly cleaning. Try gifting your nonbeliever friends with a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and citrus peel solution that smells wonderful and cleans surfaces as well as any of the expensive spray cleaners from the store. Once they try it, they will wonder why they waited so long!

Hands on EarthMyth Number Three: Green Cleaning Takes More Time and Effort

This is another myth that constantly arises when the subject of green cleaning products and methods is being discussed. Many people seem to instantly equate non-toxic cleaners with ineffectiveness, which is not true at all. In fact, research now shows that green cleaning alternatives work just as well, if not better than their conventional counterparts. Green cleaning methods are becoming so popular that cleaning companies are jumping on the bandwagon and implementing sustainable practices. Mopfrog is a leading eco-friendly cleaning company that implements green cleaning processes successfully.

The next time you hear someone offering up yet another version of one of these myths, you will be armed and ready to convert another nonbeliever to the real benefits of green cleaning.

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Why Green Cleaning Options are the Best Options!

It is true; we tend to become set in our ways. In fact, most people can look inside their homes and find that they recognize many of the products they buy as the same ones used by their parents, during their childhood years. It is not that these familiar products are necessarily better or even cheaper; it is just human habit of choosing what we know. Thankfully, the move toward green cleaning products is doing its part to make sure that our children see something far different, and safer, when they look around their homes a few decades from now.

Benefits of Going GreenGreen Is Easy on You

Storage space is precious to homeowners. Having shelf after shelf of cleaning products takes up valuable real estate that families could utilize in far better ways. Instead, simple pantry items, like vinegar and baking soda, can form the basis of a complete arsenal of powerful home cleaning products. Even better, these green cleaners are non-toxic and won’t need to be stored under lock and key for safety around kids and pets.

Green is Easy on Your Wallet

Commercial cleaning products, especially the brand names that we grew up with, can be quite expensive. Each one has a separate purpose, requiring us to purchase many different products. Most pantry items used for green cleaning are extremely affordable and available on most grocery or convenience store shelves.

Even better, each one will have many different uses in our homes. For example the same baking soda that is used for green cleaning can also be used in cooking, taken internally for indigestion, used as a natural toothpaste, and as a freshener for both laundry and litter boxes. How’s that for versatility?

Green is Easy on the Planet

Eco-friendly cleaning products are derived from plants or minerals and do not have long lists of harmful side effects. Most are so gentle that toddlers can help parents with the cleaning chores with no risk of accidental poisonings and skin irritations. These green cleaners will not harm pipes, ruin septic systems or pollute groundwater. Isn’t it time you went green?

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