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How to Use Recycled Products for DIY Projects

Living a "green" life, one that promotes environmental consciousness and is neatly aligned with Mopfrog of Loudoun‘s values, is a rewarding one. Not only is it ethically responsible, it’s liberating, refreshing, invigorating, creative, and even fun. Every day, millions of people throw away things that they don’t need to.

Truthfully, what’s one person’s trash is an eco-friendly person’s next favorite arts and crafts project.

Old or Ripped Clothing

When it comes to fashion, "green" is the new black.

Before discarding items in wardrobe, consider updating them instead—bohemian styles and "hipster" chic are all the rage right now. Patch holes with fabric made old clothes, and tidy up tears by sewing on zippers. Really crafty recyclers can even turn discarded cloth into bags or balls of yarn.


Recycled products make for great item storage. Jars (and other cylindrical objects like candle containers) make great homes for knick-knacks, makeup, hair accessories, writing utensils, and other office supplies; all they need is a cleaning and a crafty coat of paint.


For families, there is no better crafting resource than the shoebox; fortunately, they’re not hard to find. With the appropriate amount of construction paper, glue, crayons, and stickers, any shoebox can transform into a festive diorama, a funky supply box, a miniature suitcase, or a guitar strung up with elastic bands.

Office Supplies and Clothes Pins

Office supplies are not just for boring, tedious everyday tasks. They’re also great for jewelry-making. Popular sites Etsy and Pinterest are aflush with cool earrings, bracelets, and broaches made from paper clips and discarded clothes pins. All potential jewelry makers need are some beads and a sense of determination. No wonder our Mopfrog of Loudoun office supplies keep going missing.


Not only are magazines great for your mind and education, they’re also ideal for gift wrapping, crafting, and home decor!

Want to send a stylish gift to your fashionista best friend? Consider wrapping his or her gift in old fashion magazines, or even craft a bow from them. You can also utilize magazines for daring decoupage projects.


How to Choose the Right Professional Cleaning Company

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy cleaning or not, your house needs to be cleaned regularly. Thankfully, if you don’t have the motivation or time to clean your home, you can always turn to the first-class services provided by Mopfrog of Loudoun, an eco-friendly cleaning service provider that is ready to meet all of your cleaning needs. Here’s a quick look at a few tips for choosing a professional cleaning company and why you should take advantage of Mopfrog’s services. 

How many rooms need to be cleaned?

The first factor you’ll want to consider is how many rooms need to be cleaned? If you have a rather large house, then you’ll need to hire a cleaning service provider that has the time to clean each room, which may mean spending several hours at your house each week rather than only one or two. 

Are there children living in your home?

If you have children living in your home, the cleaning process will likely take longer than if there weren’t kids. And depending on the exact services that you purchase, having children in the home may increase the cleaning costs. For example, if you pay someone to clean your children’s bedrooms but they have to spend 30 minutes picking up toys before they can even start cleaning, then they will likely charge you more for having to pick up after your children. This is completely okay, but you need to make sure you find a cleaning company that is willing to include "picking up" within their service options. 

Are eco-friendly products being used to clean the home?

Using eco-friendly products to clean your home isn’t just about being friendly to the environment. It’s about keeping your family safe and healthy, as well. Here at Mopfrog, we use eco-friendly products within all of your cleaning operations. Our primary goal is to provide spotless cleaning each and every time we enter into your home, and we value open communication and our ears are always listening for your feedback. 

What services are provided?

Lastly, you’ll want to take into the consideration the exact cleaning services that are offered by a cleaning company. For instance, if you are wanting basic cleaning services — not deep cleaning — then you need to make sure these services are offered. At Mopfrog, we offer a variety of services ranging from ultra-basic cleaning to extensive deep cleaning. Whether it be your home, garage, or even a business office, we are ready to meet all of your cleaning needs in Loudoun. 


Save the Environment and Your Money

Going green isn’t just about helping the environment. It can also help you save a bundle of money. From reducing electricity use to watching how much water your household uses, Mopfrog of Loudoun offers a few ways for you to keep the planet healthy while also giving your savings account a boost. 


Reuse and Recycle

Instead of buying brand new items all the time, see if you can reuse or recycle what you already have in your home. When it comes to larger items, such as furniture, try to find other uses for them rather than throwing them out. For example, you can use an old chest as a vintage coffee table. You can also save money and help save the environment by buying used or secondhand items instead of new ones whenever possible. 


Lower Your Energy Bill

Your home can use up a lot of energy throughout the day, leading to greater environmental damage and higher bills. You can save energy and enjoy lower bills by turning your computer off each night, shutting lights off when you leave the room, switching to energy-efficient bulbs and raising the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees during summer or lowering it a few degrees in winter. 


Use Less Water

You might be using quite a bit more water than you should without even realizing it. Making simple changes, such as not leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers and waiting to run the dishwasher until it’s completely full, can make a big difference. You’ll be conserving water and saving money on your water bill each month. Switching to water-efficient appliances and fixtures, including toilets and taps, also helps. 


These are all simple ways for you to give the planet a helping hand and enjoy considerable cost savings. Making these part of your everyday life can go a long way toward making the environment a healthier place.