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Why going green is the hottest trend

Despite what you may have heard from Kermit, the benefits of going green are substantial, and it’s getting easier all the time — in all aspects of life. If you’re patting yourself on the back because you tote that recycling bin to the curb each week or you’ve purchased reusable cloth bags to take with you to the grocery store, know that those are important ways to demonstrate your commitment to the cause.

But you can extend your "green-ness" to many other aspects of your life. Let’s count some of the ways:

  • Give up buying water. Instead, use a filtered pitcher or your refrigerator’s filtered tap to fill reusable, personalized water bottles for the entire family. You’ll save money and be in style as you stay hydrated.
  • Return to the past. Rather than buying specialized cleaning products for specific uses, check out "Grandma’s recipes" for homemade, non-toxic cleaning solutions and pest-control products. You will soon believe that vinegar, baking soda and select garden plantings are "miracle" products.
  • Walk for the Planet. Going green can mean getting fit and staying in shape, too. On a daily walk with your dog or your children, you can pick up trash, get needed sun and exercise, take advantage of "teachable" moments, learn to love nature and the outdoors, and save money all at the same time. What a great idea. In the same vein, when you go to the mall, head for the remote parking row, then walk between stores.  It’ll make you feel better about yourself and the environment.
  • Take a vacation. Eco-vacations are the latest trend. With low-impact tourism, you can visit remote areas of beach, mountains and pristine parkland, enjoy a wealth of sights and wildlife, eat well, learn a lot, and leave knowing you haven’t affected nature. It’s a far cry from traveling along crowded highways and stopping at fast-food outlets. Check it out!

And for cleaning your home in the best way possible, let Mopfrog of Danbury help you out. We’re green at what we do!


8 Ways to Go Green This Year

Can it be possible to go green and save some money at the same time? Green is in and as people become more environmentally conscious, they are buying local, going organic and purchasing hybrids. What small changes can you do to leave the world a better place?

1. Be mindful about your electronics. Use smartphones, televisions and electronics as long as you can. This saves you money and reduces waste. Recycle them responsibly when the time comes.

2. Buy smarter. More information is out there to allow you to get the best deals on products. Buy dry food from bulk bins as your local supermarkets. Bring your shopping bags with you to reduce plastic bag consumption. Buy clothes that do not require dry cleaning. Save money and reduce toxic chemical use.

3. Borrow your next item. For books and movies, head down to a local library. If you have a Kindle or e-reader, they have books that you can access and enjoy in that format. Instead of buying a power tool, borrow from a neighbor or rent them. It is not like you will be using them every day.

4. Consider second hand. People often redecorate home or throw perfectly good items out when they downsize. Most items are great for a den or anywhere heavy use is expected. A nice antique might need a little reupholstering and will be a stylish addition at a fraction of the cost of new.

5. Think of purchasing a water filter. Say no to bottled water. This will reduce the amount of container waste in landfills. The BPA in many plastic containers is said to leach into the water itself, posing a possible risk to human health when consumed. A water filter reduces your expenditure, decreases reliance on petroleum to create plastic, and may be better for your health.

6. Walk and bike more. Consider the health benefits and the enjoyment of looking around while taking bipedal transportation. The cost of an average journey is zero. Get a bit of cardio, burn a few calories and connect with your outside environment. No harmful emissions is another benefit.

7. Reduce water usage. Farmers in California are experiencing one of the worst water shortages in years. Taking shorter showers, planting native plants and installing a low-flow showerhead will reduce personal water consumption and save on water bills.

8. Go with homemade cleaning supplies. Mopfrog of Danbury offers suggestions on non-toxic cleaning products. Make your own with simple ingredients in your pantry such as vinegar, baking soda, soap and lemon.


What are 5 cleaning games to play with your kids

It is awfully difficult to get the kids to clean around the house.  Kids are bombarded with stimuli from computers to video games, friends, sports, TV and more. While most youngsters are willing to do their fair share of chores, few want to clean anything in the house. However, if you make cleaning a little bit of fun, your kids will be motivated to tidy up. Incorporate these cleaning games outlined below and you will be shocked at how much better the house looks.

Dress Up

Have your kids dress up like maids and butlers. They will feel as though they are performing the duties of the character as they move about the house sweeping, dusting and scrubbing. Get in on the game yourself by dressing up with an apron, a maids cap or a butler’s bow tie. If your kids are young and imaginative enough, they will get a kick out of cleaning as a maid or butler.

Timed Cleaning

Sometimes, all kids need is a bit of a challenge to become engaged with an activity. Have your kids compete with one another to see who can clean their assigned space the quickest. You can even offer a prize to the winner. Or, provide them with “missions” that must be completed in a certain amount of time, similar to Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies. You can even play the hit movie’s theme song while they scrub away. Just be sure to arm the kids with green cleaning products for a completely safe and thorough home clean.

Play Cinderella

If you have daughters, they will love to play Cinderella with you. Take the buckets, rags and vinegar out of the water for a thorough old school clean. You can wear hankies on top of your heads and dress up like Cinderella as you scrub the home’s floors, counters, sinks etc. If your kids eventually get tired of their play roles and you are still left with a lot of space to clean, reach out to the cleaning experts at Mopfrog of Danbury. We will clean your home in an eco friendly manner with green products that keep your family safe and sound.

Film a Commercial

Some kids really love to imitate what they see on TV. Your youngsters might enjoy pretending that they are filming a cleaning commercial when they are tidying up the house. Have them recite sales pitches and phrases they’ve picked up from TV infomercials and it just might catalyze them into cleaning the home from top to bottom. 

I Spy Cleaning

Play a game of “I Spy Cleaning” in which family members take turns “spying” things that need to be cleaned or put away. Once someone can guess the object that is being hinted at, the person providing the clue will clean it. Keep the rotation going so that everyone pitches in for a comprehensive cleaning effort. You’ll find that this game really motivates the young ones to eliminate clutter and clean quite quickly so they can move onto the next round of I Spy Cleaning.

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