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How to make your own house cleaning checklist

Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, there’s one thing that always remains true … someone has to do it. If the person cleaning in your house happens to be you, then you should definitely create a checklist that is simple to follow. More importantly, this checklist should take into consideration the different rooms in your home and how to best clean them without running back and forth across your entire house. After all, the quicker you get your cleaning finished, the sooner you can enjoy activities that actually excite you. 

Here’s a quick look at a few tips for making a house cleaning checklist, and don’t forget that when cleaning your home, you’ll want to use eco-friendly products. Here at Mopfrog of Brooklyn, we center all of your cleaning practices around green cleaning methods. 

1) Choose Which Days are Best for Cleaning

The first step in creating a realistic home cleaning checklist is choosing the days that you can clean. For instance, do you have time to clean 30 minutes a day, seven days a week? Or does a routine of cleaning one hour a day, three days a week work better for your schedule? Once you have decided on the days you can clean, you can then add cleaning tasks to each day. 

2) Clean All Bedrooms on the Same Day

You should be cleaning at least three days a week, if possible. On one of these days, you should plan on washing bed linens and cleaning each bedroom in your home. Even if no one sleeps in some of the beds, the linens need to be changed regularly to prevent a musty smell from developing. 

3) Clean All Bathrooms on the Same Day 

The next day that you tackle cleaning, make sure to clean all bathrooms. Deep cleaning your bathrooms will consist of washing out the showers, cleaning the toilets, and wiping down the vanities. Also, don’t forget the floors. 

4) Clean the Kitchen and Utility Room

Lastly, you’ll need to spend a day cleaning your kitchen and utility room. Wipe down all appliances as well as run a cleaning mode through your dishwasher and washer. And don’t forget, the more you keep these rooms clean during the week, the less you’ll have to clean on your cleaning days. 

And don’t forget, if you don’t have to clean your home, we do. Here at Mopfrog, we specialize in eco-friendly cleaning, and we’re ready to get your home sparkling like the top of the Chrysler Building. 



How an app can help you become environmentally friendly

The need for humans to find ways to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is important to the future of our planet. There are obvious ways to begin going green such as turning off the water when you brush teeth and turning the water on only when you need it. But, did you know there are tons of Smartphone apps available free or for a small charge that can help you reach new levels of sustainability in ways you may not have thought?

Light Bulb Finder

Light Bulb Finder is a free  app for your Smartphone (Android or iOS) that helps you find more energy efficient light bulbs. This app helps you choose replacement bulbs that are energy-saving equivalents of ordinary bulbs. The green bulbs the app finds offer the right look, the right light quality, and the right fit.

The Light Bulb Finder app is easy to use – just enter your zip code, click a few tiles describing your bulb that you are replacing. When done, submit your information and the app computes your electric savings, the cost of the bulb, and the payback time. The app allows you to order bulbs right from the app via a secure server.


Exhaust fumes from cars and trucks make up one-third of the globe’s carbon emissions. All electric and hybrid electric cars are a part of the answer to this problem – but what if you cannot afford the technology?  Meet FuelGood. FuelGood is another energy- saving app that is free for iOS and android. This app makes you think about your driving techniques and provides a some tips on your own driving that help you improve your MPG, save on gas costs and reduce emissions. The app also compares you to the “average” driver.


Recyclebank rewards you for changing your lifestyle to a greener one. This is a multi-purpose app that lets you earn rewards for recycling. Here is how it works,

  1. Sign up
  2. Earn points by taking fun interactive quizzes or recycle at home.
  3. Get rewards

Pretty easy! And it’s free.

Rewards include grocery coupons, fine dining deals, movies and more. In addition, the app has a blog, Live Green, loaded with sustainable ideas and other great articles.

Mopfrog of Brooklyn, NY  is an environmentally cleaning company that serves as another way for you to curb you greenhouse footprint on the earth. The cleaning service sends a team of two people who only use environmentally safe cleaning products that we also sell. Call us at 347-474-7400 or use our contact page.



How going green at home can make for a safer environment

Don’t you just love how your house smells after you’ve cleaned? Most people clean with the intent of creating a welcoming environment and reducing dirt, germs, allergens and pollutants.

Unfortunately, many of the cleaning products used every day in homes can harm the quality of air and water. Exactly how do these products harm the environment, and how can you help lessen the impact by switching to green cleaning products?

What lurks in your cleaning products?

Thousands of chemicals in a variety of products — many of which have never been tested for safety — pollute rivers and streams, and they can take years or decades to degrade to the point of harmlessness. Some never break down, instead hanging around in the environment indefinitely.

These chemicals often are eaten by water-dwelling creatures, thus entering the food chain that eventually can reach humans. Unsafe chemical substances can be toxic and can cause birth defects and contribute to illnesses like cancer.

The problem with packaging

In addition to the often-toxic chemical ingredients in commonly used household cleaners, their packaging can be problematic as well. Cleaning products come in a range of packaging types. Aerosol cans are large, bulky and difficult to recycle. Products often come in plastic containers that are strong and light, but not all locales offer recycling for them. When they’re simply thrown in the trash and end up in landfills, these containers biodegrade extremely slowly.

Harm to water

Local waste treatment plants remove most pollutants from water before it’s returned to waterways, but the process does not remove ammonia, phosphorous or nitrogen. In large amounts, these three chemicals pose significant contamination threats to water supplies.

Once in rivers, lakes and streams, the chemicals — also used as agricultural fertilizers — build up and cause faster growth of some plants. While chemical levels are controlled in agricultural environments, in water supplies, levels are not controlled. As a result, the excess nutrients lead to dense plant life that can choke marine animals and other plants. When these quickly growing plants die en masse, they begin to decay and reduce oxygen content of water, causing algae overgrowth. Animals then also die, and those deaths cause even more decay. Soon, the water is too polluted for human use.

Harm to air

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals found in household cleaners that can pose health risks by becoming concentrated in indoor air. When you raise a window to air out your home after cleaning, those chemicals move outdoors, where they contribute to smog.

What can you do to help?

To do your part in helping clean up the air and water, consider going green. Know what’s in your cleaning products, and make choices that don’t contribute to pollution. You can also use a different cleaning service that uses green cleaning products, such as Mopfrog of Brooklyn.

The cleaning products you use in your home can make a difference in air and water quality for everyone. As an environmentally friendly cleaning company, Mopfrog of Brooklyn is committed to keeping the air and water clean for future generations.

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