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Fun Ideas to Get Your Kids Involved In Cleaning

An old saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day – the same can be said of your quest to transform your home into a green and clean place for everyone inside. Though the steps required to live a more efficient lifestyle aren’t necessarily difficult, they can be dramatically easier if you get the entire family involved. Fun ideas to get the family involved in cleaning can be broken down into a few different categories depending on the situation, as well as ages.

Baby boy with vacuum cleaner

One great way to get the family involved in cleaning is to turn chores into a game. If you’re trying to teach your young kids the value of cleaning up after themselves, for example, see who can organize a toy shelf or a bookshelf in the best possible way in the fastest amount of time. Don’t necessarily emphasize speed over quality, but instead emphasize efficiency or doing the best possible job in the quickest amount of time that job will allow. When everything is organized you can pick a winner for the day, which will give kids something to aspire to the next time the “Cleaning Game” is played.

Another fun way to get the family involved in cleaning also allows you to create a learning opportunity at the same time. If you want to get your children involved in cleaning the kitchen, for example, you might make them more involved in the general cooking process. Talk about the items that you’re pulling out of the pantry or the refrigerator and discuss how all of these items eventually blend together into the wonderful meal that you will all enjoy together. Take this opportunity to also educate your children on the health and nutrition benefits.

You can also use the opportunity to teach kids about the items you’re cleaning up at the same time. For instance, explain the difference between a glass bottle and a plastic bag, and the importance of properly recycling the items in order to obtain the best environmental results. If you take the opportunity to involve your family in some of the more “fun” aspects of home life (i.e.: cooking), they’ll naturally become a larger part of the cleaning process as well.

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