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Give Dad’s the Gift of More Leisurely Time



Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means that you’re likely looking for that perfect gift for dear old Dad. If you’re trying to think of things that he really wants, another tie is probably not going to be anywhere near the top. This year, give your dad the gift of a carefree day of fun with those closest to him by leaving housecleaning to the professionals at Mopfrog of Atlantic City.

There are generally a lot of other things that a dad would rather do than to be picking up around the house. If this is true on a normal day, it most definitely applies on a day of celebration like Father’s Day. Thanks to Mopfrog, you can now leave the household chores to the experts and take your dad out for a day of fun activities like fishing, golfing, going to an outdoor sporting event, playing with the kids or more – the choice is yours!

When that day of excitement is over, your dad will be able to come home to a clean house that sparkles from top-to-bottom. He won’t have to spend even a minute thinking about all the things he should and ought to do, like tidying up the home office, because it’ll have all already bee taken care of. It’s the perfect cap on an already great day with the man who means the world to you.

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, so it’s always important to make it a good one – even if you’re the type of person who shows your dad how much he means to you on a daily basis year round. We believe that you’ll find Mopfrog’s professional cleaning services so valuable that you’ll be hard pressed to wait for next Father’s Day to roll around before you decide to make another appointment. 



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