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Take the Drudgery Out of Home Cleaning With These Tips

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Keeping our homes clean is one way in which we strive to keep our families safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many of us fall into a cleaning rut and find ourselves devoting a large portion of our time to daily cleaning chores. If your cleaning routine has taken over your life, Mopfrog of Danbury offers some surprising ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on cleaning while still keeping your home clean and fresh.

Change up the Bathroom Cleaning Process

If you are cleaning your bathroom every day in an effort to control germs, you may be overdoing it. Instead, cleaning the toilet seat, handle and rim a couple of times a week is usually all that is necessary. For showers, hang a squeegee in the shower and ask bathers to give the door and tile surfaces a quick once-over after showering.

For sinks and tile surfaces, keep a supply of green cleaning products and washable microfiber cloths in the bathroom closet to use for daily spot cleaning. This will keep the bathroom looking good between deeper weekly cleanings, yet take little time and effort.

Reducing Laundry

Make everyone responsible for changing their own bed linens each week on laundry day, so that all linens can be washed in one or two laundry loads, instead of several. Mattress covers, liners and pads can be changed every few months, or for allergy sufferers, once per month.

Insist that all family members hang up their bath towels after use. This will allow them to dry and remain fresh for 2 or 3 days, greatly reducing the number of towels to be laundered each week. Like towels, nightwear can usually be worn for several nights before laundering.  

In most homes, cleaning should not become a daily ordeal. Instead, choose to manage it with a few minutes of spot cleaning each day, with a more in-depth weekly clean.  

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Turn Household Chores Into a Fun Learning Activity for Kids

5-Tricks-for-Keeping-a-Surprisingly-Clean-Home-with-KidsOne of the most important parts of parenting is teaching our children how to be resourceful and self-reliant and taking care of the family home is a great way to hold these lessons. If you would like to help your child develop these beneficial skills and garner some help with the household chores in the process, the following tips may be just what you need.

Forming a Clean Team

Children are often eager to help Mommy, but have no clue how to perform many common household chores. By forming a cleaning team with your child, they will be able to mimic your actions to learn how to correctly perform the task, and you will both benefit from the interaction of working together.

When working out the details for your home cleaning team, remember that children of different ages have different attention spans, as well as different skill sets. To maximize the lessons (and the amount of housework that gets accomplished), plan frequent, short sessions and make them as enjoyable as possible by using some of the following suggestions:

  • Use age appropriate, upbeat music and mix up the genres to make it fun. For example, consider breaking out some 80s disco tunes for your teenagers and alphabet songs for the toddler crowd.
  • Incorporate physical activity into cleaning chores to get a clean house and a fun workout by practicing your dance moves with your kids while mopping the floor or scrubbing walls.
  • As the kids become more proficient with their tasks, create a lottery to assign the chores for the week. This adds some excitement while making sure that no child is stuck with the same chores again and again. To do this, write each chore on a slip of paper and have each child draw them from a fishbowl. Keep track of the completed chores on a dry erase or chalk board and award a prize each week to the child who successfully completes all their tasks – even your prizes can be family oriented, such as a trip to the movies.
  • Institute a nightly scavenger hunt to find and put away items that have been strewn about through the day. To add excitement, set the kitchen timer for five or ten minutes and have all
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What Mom Tried to Teach Us About Green Living

momvacuumMom taught us a lot while we were growing up. Thanks to her, we know some useful lessons to help us manage the care of our own families and homes. Much of what mom taught us is not only wise, but also frugal, healthy, eco-friendly and very relevant for today. If you are having trouble remembering all the lessons your mom tried to teach you, the list below may help refresh your memory!

Use it Up…

Growing up my mother always said, “waste not, want not.” This theory was applied to many areas, such as food or turning holed socks and worn out t-shirts into soft, absorbent cleaning cloths. Why spend money on expensive paper towels and dust mops when your family is always generating a constant supply of these cloths from their out-grown, worn or stained clothing items.

Use What You Have…

Purchasing special cleaners for each specific cleaning need can become very expensive, not to mention causing a storage problem. Instead, Mopfrog of Brooklyn, a family owned and operated eco-friendly cleaning franchise, suggests figuring out what you already have that can be used for special cleaning problems that crop up, such as:

  • Using ketchup to clean tarnish from copper cookware
  • Using toothpaste to polish silver
  • Using citrus peels to freshen smelly garbage disposals
  • Using salt to remove wine stains on carpet

Use a Good Daily Cleaning Strategy…

Grease, cooking spills and dirty fingerprints only get worse with time. Learn to keep a sink half-full of hot, soapy water and clean pots and pans, rinse dishes and load the dishwasher as you cook, instead of allowing these messes to sit for hours and become very difficult to clean.

Keep a spray bottle of a vinegar cleaning solution, containing your favorite essential oil, nearby while cooking to quickly and safely sanitize and freshen food prep and eating areas.

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