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Top 5 Household Items We Forget To Clean


We are constantly reminded to wipe down counters, sanitize cutting boards, and even keep the toilet seat clean. Mopfrog dishes the dirt on the often overlooked and most contaminated surfaces in our homes. Keep reading to discover how to clean these forgotten household surfaces effectively.

One: Cleaning Sponges

Wiping up our spills and messes each day leaves the common cleaning sponge smelly and filled with bacteria and germs. Difficult to clean, many of us find ourselves throwing them out after just a few uses. Instead, use this tip to clean and sanitize any non-metallic sponge.

Combine water and lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl, soak the sponge thoroughly in the solution and then microwave for one minute on high. Your sponge will be clean and fresh, and your microwave will smell wonderful, too.

Two: Remote Controls (TV, Gaming, Garage Door Openers)

The antibacterial action of hydrogen peroxide is the perfect answer to cleaning those remote controls that get handled often by every member of the house.

To clean these germ-laden gadgets, simply moisten a soft cleaning cloth with 3% concentrate and wipe clean. Take care to ensure that the cleaning cloth is damp, but not wet and make sure to use another dry cloth to dry thoroughly.

Three: Kitchen Sink Drain & Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals and the kitchen sink drains have a particularly dirty job. If not cleaned regularly they will soon develop unpleasant odors. Baking soda, vinegar and boiling water is all you need to keep them clean.

Pour one-half cup baking soda and one-half cup white vinegar in each drain. Once the foaming action subsides, complete the process by rinsing with a gallon of very hot water.

Four: Garbage Cans

Cleaning and freshening smelly garbage cans is easy too, when using the power of baking soda and white vinegar.

To clean, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda inside each trashcan, and add undiluted white vinegar. The foaming action will loosen grime and remove odors. Scrub the interior of the can with a brush and then rinse thoroughly. Let dry before replacing the lid or adding bagged trash.

Five: Handles, Door Knobs, Switch Plates, Drawer Pulls

Handled multiple times per day by every member of the family plus guests, these surfaces are bustling little germ factories. Cleaning them frequently, especially during the cold and flu season, can even help keep your family well.

Fill a spray bottle three quarters full with clean water and then finish filling with white vinegar. Spray surfaces and wipe clean several times a week.

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