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Celebrate Your Freedom From Cleaning

Memorial Day

With all of life’s responsibilities, a little help around the house is what many both want and need. This holiday weekend there are many more enjoyable things to do than worry about household chores. Kick off your summer and relish in more leisurely time or outdoor activities with loved ones by hiring Mopfrog, the eco-friendly cleaning company. All locations, like Mopfrog of Danbury, have a reputation for excellence.

A professional, green cleaning from Mopfrog means that each room is thoroughly and properly cleaned. They know what makes a house look great and the difference is in the details. To ensure all surfaces are sanitized and sparkling, an extensive checklist is used for each cleaning.

Mopfrog does not just perform the standard maid service tasks. Their comprehensive service begins with removing cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners and dust from ceiling fans. With the use of microfiber cloths and Green Seal Certified™ cleaning solutions, the professionals then rid the home of allergens, bacteria and other indoor pollutants. Clients have full confidence knowing that everything from furniture to knickknacks, countertops to toilets, window ledges to doorframes, baseboards to light switch panels, and much more are left in pristine condition.

This year, leave the dirty work to the professionals and get the most out of your Memorial Day holiday. Savor the extra time out of the office by hosting a BBQ or visiting local beaches or parks. Whether you are enjoying a weekend getaway or sticking around on the home front, remember to pay homage to the fallen heroes of the armed forces.

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Advantages of Choosing an Eco-friendly, Professional Cleaning Service

For decades now we have been bombarded with marketing for all types of new and better appliances and inventions guaranteed to change our lives and give us more leisure time. Yet our daily lives are now busier, faster paced and more stressful than ever before. If you are seeking to add more control over your daily life, learning to delegate some of your responsibilities can help you accomplish this.

Cheerful Maid Polishing Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delegating Necessary, But Time Consuming Tasks

Keeping our home environments clean, fresh and healthy is one of the responsibilities that can be easily delegated to a professional cleaning service, as long as you choose one the best one for your needs. Major differences exist in the track records and business practices for each company and choosing the right one means selecting the one that best aligns with our own beliefs and values.

Why Choosing a Sustainable Cleaning Company is a Better Choice

As more studies show a correlation between many common chemicals used for cleaning and serious health issues, more families are making safer, more eco-friendly cleaning choices in their own homes.

Eco-friendly cleaning services, like Mopfrog, have also chosen to substitute safe, natural cleaning practices for traditional harsh chemicals in response to this growing trend. Many people who have been accustomed to traditional cleaning services are thrilled to discover that natural, eco-friendly cleaning provides the same high-quality cleaning experience, without the use of dangerous chemicals and the fumes they give off.

Eco-friendly cleaning services use non-toxic, yet powerful, natural cleaning agents to make your home look, feel and smell fresh and clean. Vinegar, lemon juice, salt and baking soda are some of the products you might find in their cleaning carts, along with microfiber cleaning cloths and mops.

If you would like to free up some time in your busy schedule, while still maintaining a clean and healthful environment for your family, contact a reputable, eco-friendly cleaning service today!

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Important Points to Consider Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Have you ever thought about hiring a home eco-friendly cleaning service? There are so many cleaning companies out there that you can be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the right company. When you hire a cleaning company, like Mopfrog, you are looking for high results every time your house or commercial property needs cleaned.  Let’s take a look at the main points to consider by anyone looking at hiring a cleaning company.

Make a Shortlist

If you are searching for the right cleaning company to carry out your cleaning, make a shortlist of the top five companies you would trust in your personal space. Arrange face-to-face interviews with any prospective companies and make sure that you feel comfortable with them and their services. What you are looking for in a cleaning company is reliable, consistent levels of service, and the same cleaning crew each time your home is cleaned.

mopfrog-windowcleanerIs the Company You are Looking to Hire Licensed and Insured?

Before hiring any cleaning company, it is essential you find out if that company and its employees are insured.  You need to know that the company is covered to replace anything that is broken or damaged while cleaning duties are carried out. You also need to find out who will be paying medical bills in the unlikely event that someone is injured while working on your property.

What Are Your Cleaning Requirements?

It’s important to know what you want when it comes to scheduling your cleaning. Make sure that you write down all cleaning chores that you require to be done and also how routine you want the cleaning carried out .e.g. once a week, twice a month, etc. Again, make sure that you detail all that you want cleaned, windows, kitchen, and bathrooms. Whatever you need to clean, highlight it, present the list to the retrospective cleaning company, and ask them if they can do it. No point in paying for a service that can’t be done or you don’t get!

Make Sure You are Happy with the Fees

The one thing you need to sit down and agree with any cleaning company is the prices that you will be charged for their services. You need to be sure that you are happy with the charges and fees and that there are no hidden costs or extra charges thrown in when least expected.

Most professional cleaning companies will arrive with their own cleaning products and equipment; make sure that the cleaning company you hire is one of those prepared companies. You don’t want a team of cleaners turning up at your home with no equipment, especially if you have already paid up front for their services.

Hiring a cleaning company to clean your home is an efficient way to ensure your home is cleaned to a very high standard.

If you feel your time is already pressed and you are tied up with previous arranged commitments, then hiring a cleaning company is the best option for you. Simply contact the best cleaning company in your area that provides and guarantees high quality services every time it is asked of them.

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