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Safe Makeup Strategies for Healthy Beauty


The use of cosmetics to improve the appearance of skin is a growing trend among both women and men of all age groups. Unfortunately, many cosmetic users are unaware of the potential risks involved when these products are not properly stored or applied. Mopfrog of Atlantic City offers some basic tips to help ensure that your makeup strategy gives you both beautiful and healthy benefits.

Cosmetic Rules to Live By

Makeup applicators and even the cosmetic products themselves often come into contact with bacteria with each dip of a finger or swipe of a brush. These basic cosmetic rules will help you avoid safety issues and keep cosmetic use healthy.

  • Never share cosmetics with anyone, especially products that you double dip or apply with a finger, such as lip gloss or mascara.
  • Clean makeup brushes frequently. Concealer and foundation brushes should be cleaned once a week to prevent buildup of product. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned twice a month, whereas all other brushes can be washed once per month to avoid being caked with residue.
  • Wash brushes in a bowl¬†of warm, sudsy water, using a mild shampoo or bar soap; however, be careful to avoid the barrel below the bristles. Once clean, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess moisture by blotting with a soft towel, reshape and air dry by lining them up so that the brush heads extend off the edge of the counter. Never place them upright in a container as moisture could seep into the handle and damage your brush.
  • Keep cosmetics in a cool place to lessen harmful bacteria growth.
  • Never add water or saliva to a cosmetic to moisten it or extend the uses.
  • Replace cosmetics after illnesses or contact with infections.

Shelf Life Applies to Cosmetics, Too

Just like food products, cosmetics degrade as they age. Older cosmetics have a much higher risk of contamination from multiples uses, temperature fluctuations and exposure to bacteria. In addition, they often apply unevenly or look grainy and unattractive. Avoid these issues by replacing cosmetics in a timely manner. Here is a basic guide:

  • Mascara: 2-4 months
  • Eyeliners: 3-4 months (liquid), 18-24 months (pencil)
  • Foundations: 6 months (liquid), up to 24 months (powder)
  • Eye shadows and blushes: 6 months (cream), up to 24 months (powder)
  • Lipsticks and lip liners: 24 months
  • Lip glosses: 6 months
  • Nail polish – 12 months

Just as you do with food products, remember to discard any cosmetic that looks or smells funny.

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