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Ready Your Home for Spring With These Rejuvenation Tips


Our ancestors knew a thing or two about the importance of freshening the family home after a long, hard winter. Although scrubbing the surfaces of the home was an important part of their spring cleaning ritual, they knew that the act of clearing away the clutter of a long winter would also help improve the quality of life for everyone in the family and this concept remains true today. With an exceptionally long, hard winter finally drawing to a close, these simple steps will help you freshen and rejuvenate your home for spring.

Purging the Clutter

Staying cooped up inside the home during the winter often translates into more clutter, making homes feel dreary and cramped. Just clearing away this excess will immediately make your home fresher and more welcoming for spring.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens get a lot of wear and tear, especially as families tend to gather there more often to cook, bake and enjoy comforting winter meals. To rejuvenate this area for spring:

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning the refrigerator, freezer and range, inside and out, to remove crumbs, grime and cooking residues.
  • For even more freshening power, opt for cleaners that freshen safely and naturally, such as white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda, instead of harsh, smelly commercial cleaners.
  • Clean and organize counter tops, drawers and cupboards, removing those extra pieces of cookware, gadgets and appliances that never seem to get used. Box up these items and donate them to a local shelter, church or community organization where they will be used.

In the Bedrooms and Closets

Bulky winter wear takes up a lot of closet space and makes bedrooms feel more cluttered. Pack away items that won’t be needed again until next year, and box up outgrown items for donation. As you sort through clothing, watch for ripped and stained items and remove them to add more usable space.

Add Natural Freshening Power

Add large pots of green plants throughout the home to add a spring time feeling and freshen the air. Choose plants that have energizing scents, such as mints and aromatic herbs in the kitchen and restful ones like lavender for bedrooms and living areas. Just seeing and smelling the freshness of a growing plant in the entry way will automatically lift the spirits of your family and friends as they enter.

Pass the Towel to the Pros

Clear away winter’s stagnant energy and easily make room for spring by hiring the eco-friendly cleaning professionals from Mopfrog to help you purge, organize and deep clean your home. Their all-natural cleaning solutions and techniques will have your home looking and feeling fresh and clean for spring!

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Spring Cleaning Myths Got You Down? Clear Them Out With These Smart Tips!


Cleaning up after meals, running the vacuum and wiping bathroom surfaces are daily or weekly chores that most of us perform on auto-pilot, just to keep our homes looking reasonably neat and clean as we go about our daily lives. A truly clean, fresh home, however, requires a deeper periodic cleaning – popularly known as spring cleaning.

Dispelling the Myths About Spring Cleaning

Many popular cleaning myths make it seem like an effective spring cleaning process has to be done with scary chemicals, as well as being both time consuming and physically exhausting in order to achieve good results. Thankfully, these myths are falling by the wayside as more and more families adopt natural, more healthful cleaning methods that really work.

Ban the Bleach

Bleach has been one of the most widely used household sanitizers and stain removal agents for past generations and many myths exist that proclaim it to be perfectly safe for use in the home. Truthfully, however, using bleach for cleaning can result in respiratory issues, skin irritation and even poisoning, if ingested. Not to mention the damage it can do to septic systems and the environment.

Hydrogen peroxide is just as effective for home sanitizing and stain removal as bleach, yet it produces no chemical fumes, unpleasant odors and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Use it in the laundry to remove stains and whiten whites and to safely sanitize surfaces throughout the kitchen and bath.

Cut the Chemicals

Commercial polishing agents for furniture are filled with ingredients that build up and dull the surfaces of fine wood furnishings. Cut the chemicals and make safer choices by turning to naturally effective polishes like lemon oil to clean away residue and restore wooden surfaces to a natural luster. As a bonus, the natural lemon scent will help to freshen the entire home.

Go After Grungy Grout

Harsh chemical grout cleaners can mar the surface of your tile and grout, and make it even more difficult to clean. Take the easy, more natural route to clean your grout and tile surfaces by mixing baking soda and white vinegar to form a thin paste. Apply the paste to tile and grout surfaces and allow it to soak them clean while you attend to other chores. Then quickly brush the area clean and rinse thoroughly to enjoy sparkling tile and gleaming grout lines, once again.

Pick a Professional

Some deep cleaning chores can result in disappointing results or additional problems, if not done correctly. DIY carpet cleaning is one example that can contribute to unhealthy mold issues in the home due to excess moisture. Save time and ensure a healthier home by leaving carpet cleaning to the professionals who can clean the carpets effectively and remove nearly all traces of moisture in the process.

You work hard to keep your home neat all year long, so why not treat yourself this spring by hiring trusted professionals to deep clean and freshen every room. Mopfrog, a nationally recognized eco-friendly cleaning service, uses natural cleaning methods and a staff of expertly trained professionals to give your home that spring clean appeal, anytime of year. 

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Speed Up Your Spring Cleaning

The winter months are the time of year where most of us keep our windows closed tight. While this has the benefit of keeping chilly drafts at bay, it also means that you’re living and breathing in a sealed environment until longer days and warmer weather signals the onset of spring. By the time spring rolls around, your home could certainly use a good day (or two, or three…) of cleaning. If you want to speed up your spring cleaning, there are a few key things that you should keep in mind.

MF-Spring Clean

Dry Naturally

After washing all of your linens, duvets and blankets, you can seize the opportunity of a warm day and hang them outside on a clothesline or drying rack. This lets you enjoy the sunny outdoors all while tending to this traditional household chore. It also has the added benefit of leaving your clothes and other items smelling naturally fresh.

If you’re battling allergies, if April showers are making things difficult or if it’s still just a bit too cold outside, you can forgo the outdoor approach and use an indoor drying rack instead. Regardless, air-drying reduces energy consumption, curbs emissions and helps you save money. 

Spring is also a great opportunity to swap out your heavy bed sets for lighter comforters adorned with great spring colors and patterns, too.

From Top to Bottom

Once you’ve taken care of those types of items, you’ll next want to dust and vacuum every room in your house from top to bottom – literally. To help with your indoor air quality, open the windows and let the fresh air circulate. It is truly amazing how much difference even one day of natural air circulation can make to a house that’s been shuttered all winter.

The Kitchen

When it comes time to tackle your kitchen, always remember to clean the inside of your appliances. If you haven’t been giving your microwave a weekly scouring, you may assume that this will be easier said than done. Don’t worry, however – put two cups of water into a microwave safe bowl, add in two lemon halves and turn on high for a few minutes. The steam will loosen the food splatters and make it easier than ever to clean. The lemons will also make your microwave smell naturally fresh.

Next, take a clean, microfiber cloth and scrub the rack, walls and ceiling using a DIY vinegar and water solution. When it comes time to hit the refrigerator, toss all the food that now more closely resembles a science project than a home-cooked meal. Once each self is wiped down with your vinegar solution, add a box of baking soda to eliminate any potential unwanted odors.

Professional Services

Taking a day (or even a weekend) to clean your home from top-to-bottom can take both a lot of time and energy. If you’d rather not add to your to-do list, lighten your load by hiring the professional services of Mopfrog. You’ll get a deep, comprehensive green clean and will also have fewer chores in the long run thanks to a customized cleaning regimen that will keep your home naturally healthy and sparkling all year long.

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