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Give Your Loved One the Gift of a Clean Home


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get your special someone a gift that shows them how much you truly care. Instead of getting them jewelry or chocolates or dinging at a fancy restaurant, consider giving that special person what they really want this year – a nice, clean, gorgeous home in the form of a day of cleaning from Mopfrog.

Absolutely nothing is more stress relieving than a clean home. Once the passionate professionals at Mopfrog get started, you won’t even recognize the place when they get done. It’s also important to remember that a day of cleaning from Mopfrog works on two different levels. Not only are you giving that person a clean home to experience and enjoy, but you’re also giving them the gift of free time that they can spend doing what they truly love instead of worrying about all of those pesky chores. There really are few better ways to say, “You’re appreciated” than by taking a bit of that responsibility off of their plate, even if it is only for a day.

When choosing a green cleaning company like Mopfrog, you also get a few added benefits that can’t be overstated enough. For starters, you get dramatically improved indoor air quality that will help keep all of those pathogens and allergens outside where they belong. The professionals at Mopfrog also use non-toxic products, which leads to a healthier indoor and outdoor environment almost immediately. These products are also pet friendly and they won’t harm surfaces in your home like granite in any way.

Mopfrog’s processes and procedures are specifically designed with things like health and safety in mind. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, give your loved one the gift that they’ve always dreamed about – a day of cleaning from the professionals. To find out more about giving your loved one the perfect gift, contact Mopfrog today.

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Help Your Family Avoid Cold & Flu Season With These Great Tips!


Even though most of us are more than ready for spring, we can be assured that winter is not quite ready to bid us farewell. Not only will most of us continue to be subjected to snow and ice, but for families with children, the last ravages of winter often takes the form of feverish children with runny noses and coughs. Although there is little that can be done about the winter weather, parents can use the following cold prevention tips to help their little ones skip past the late winter cold season this year.

Rest, Hydration & Nourishment

Our children’s immune systems take a beating each winter. The dry, heated environment of crowded buses and hectic schoolrooms provides a fertile breeding ground for the cold germs and viruses that kids seem to attract. Kids who are well rested, well hydrated and well nourished are the ones whose immune systems will have the strength to ward off the illnesses caused by these nasties.

  • Make sure kids get the right amount of rest for their age. For infants, this could mean as much as 18 hours of restful sleep per day, while toddlers and preschoolers need 12 to 14 hours of rest. Even elementary and high school age children require 10 to 11 hours of rest. Without enough ZZZs, bodies become sluggish and more vulnerable to getting sick.
  • Help school age children keep their after-school activity roster at a healthy level to prevent them from becoming too tired, or stressed.
  • Encourage kids to drink more healthy fluids during this time of year, including Vitamin C-rich fruit juices and water versus sugary drinks. Water also helps carry nutrients and rid the body of toxins.
  • Add additional nutrition and hydration benefits by including broth-based soups to the family menu during cold season and be sure to include healthful, fiber-rich foods such as apples, nuts and oats to help boost immunity levels and fight inflammation. An apple a day could in fact keep the doctor away!

Focus on Personal Hygiene

As much as eighty percent of infectious diseases are spread through touch, including the common cold and influenza. To avoid bringing unwanted germs into the home, teach children of all ages the importance of washing their hands frequently and help them learn proper hand washing techniques. Often, making hand washing fun by teaching them to sing a song, recite the alphabet or count while washing will help to ensure that they wash their hands more thoroughly.

Teach kids how to avoid picking up germs in public places, such as restrooms by using a paper towel to keep from touching doorknobs, faucets and toilet levers. Keep a supply of tissues, alcohol-based sanitizers and moistened hand wipes at home, in coat pockets and in the car for quick clean ups on the go. In addition, these can be used to wipe down restaurant tables, shopping carts and other objects that are known to harbor germs.

Keeping the Home Healthy

Paying extra attention to cleanliness in the home is another way to prevent the spread of illness, especially in families with children. Use a vinegar or hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution to frequently disinfect objects such as doorknobs, remote controls, light switches and fridge door handles.

Get Rid of Stress

Dealing with sick kids is stressful and many parents will find themselves falling ill in the aftermath. Consider taking a proactive course to help reduce this stress, boost immunity and return your home to a healthy environment by calling on Mopfrog to thoroughly clean and sanitize your home. Their natural cleaning methods and attention to detail will have your home feeling, looking and smelling clean, fresh and healthy in no time!

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Easy Tips To Maximize Family Time

Families are busier today than ever before. Work, school and all the other activities take up a large part of the day, yet meals still need to be cooked, clothing washed and home cleaning chores completed. If your family has been missing out on time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, there tips can help you regain control and get back in touch with your loved ones.

  • Make a list of everything that has to be done each month and then divide these into those tasks that must be done, those that can be delegated and those that can be eliminated. In most cases, the “To Do” list will include things like meals, errands and daily chores around the house. Come up with a workable schedule to get each task done by creating a “Honey-Do-List” and getting the kiddos in on the action. Kids of all ages love to help and teaching them how to cook, vacuum and do chores around the house can be a fun part of family time while also yielding the reward of bolstering their confidence levels.
  • Instead of running errands daily, set aside one day each week to do them and make it part of a family outing. After the errands are completed, treat the family to ice cream, a movie or a visit to a nearby park or hiking trail to get some much needed family fun and exercise.

Beautiful young family at home.

  • Stock the freezer with convenient meals that are ready to heat and eat. To accomplish this in a fun way, spend one weekend morning each month holding a family cooking event. Make casseroles, soups and stews that can be frozen in meal sized, oven-ready containers for healthy, quick alternatives to fast food on busy nights. In addition, cook a double portion of the main course on nights when extra time is available and add these to your freezer meal supply, as well.
  • Shop online for clothing, shoes and household items to save time. In many areas, even many healthful, organic foods and grocery items can be purchased online and delivered to your door. For example, you can order every day essentials online with sites like
  • Make better use of services you already use. Perhaps the dry cleaner also provides laundry service with pick up and delivery or the nanny could start dinner, restock the diaper bag or pick up toys while the baby naps.
  • Eliminate chores that take the most time away from families by hiring a professional, green cleaning company, such as Mopfrog of North Buckhead. A thorough house cleaning, such as scrubbing and sanitizing the bathroom and window washing can take hours to accomplish and leave parents feeling stressed. Instead, save this time for the family to spend together by hiring Mopfrog. With professional trained staff, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and high-performance cleaning equipment, your home will always be clean and your time will be better spent with your family!
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