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Host A Winning Super Bowl Party

Delicious food, beverages and a gathering of all your friends are the prerequisites for any Super Bowl party. This year, channel your enthusiasm and love for the sport by greening your party in order to cut back on waste. Taking it to the next level with these eco-friendly tips will make it the best Super Bowl party ever!


Give the Menu a Local Flair

Instead of ordering wasteful, unappealing deli trays or boring pizzas consider making a simple, but delicious menu based on organically grown, locally available foods. For instance, grass-fed local beef can become spicy chili, nachos, herb-seasoned stew or deliciously tender meatballs. Locally grown fruits and vegetables and can be the base for scrumptious salads, platters (like a veggie tray) and deserts.

For convenience, remember to select foods that are easy to eat and easy to prepare. Stews, chili and finger foods are easy to keep at safe serving temperatures for hours, while still tasting delicious.

Think “Group” for Safety and Energy Conservation

To both save gas and ensure everyone arrives home safely after the party, enlist the help of a few guests to be designated drivers and have them pick up guests and deliver them to the party and then home again, afterward.

Choosing and Serving Beverages

Find local micro-brewers and wineries who utilize green production practices to get the benefits of both eco-friendly beverages for your party, and the chance to sample their delicious offerings. You will be supporting local artisans and helping the environment.

If, like most of the nation, your Super Bowl party is located in a region of the country that is experiencing cold weather, make use of the cold to pre-chill beverages for the party by setting them outside for a few hours before the party. This will cut down on the amount of energy required for ice and refrigeration.

Eco-Friendly Serving Tips

Continue your eco-friendly party theme by choosing to use real dishes, serving ware and flatware. Additionally, choose to use cloth napkins versus paper. While disposable is the easiest option, it is also the most wasteful and adds to the landfills. If you do opt for disposable, chose products made from recycled content.

Eco-Friendly Waste Management

Parties generate waste, even eco-friendly ones. To manage this efficiently, even if your household already recycles, label bins and place them where your guests will be able to access them easily. In addition, reduce waste by keeping a compost container for food scraps.  that can be added to the compost pile after the party.

Professional Cleaning Service

To clean up after the party, hire the professional services of Mopfrog. The eco-friendly and hassle free services offered at Mopfrog of Lunenburg will help you start off your week on a fresh and clean.

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Tips for Hosting Eco-Friendly Holiday Gatherings

The holiday season is upon us and the bombardment of ads has already begun. From single-use champagne flutes to holiday-themed foods and paper products, consumers are presented with a myriad of items and services designed to help them entertain guests and host family celebrations. Most of these offerings, however, are not very helpful to those who prefer to make eco-friendly choices. If you are interested in “greening” up your holiday festivities this year, here some great tips to get you started.


Refreshingly Green Refreshments

Spending time with friends and loved ones is what makes the holidays so special, but for many people, indulging in delicious food and beverages is also important. Here are some green, yet delicious, tips for the refreshments at your next holiday gathering.

  • Plan ahead to use as much seasonal and locally produced, organically grown food and wine in your menu, as possible. Healthier, tastier and fresher, these foods are harvested at the peak of perfection from farms in your immediate area.
  • Even though the holiday season is not a major growing season in many parts of the country, some growers use hoop houses and other passive solar methods to produce fresh salad greens, flowers and herbs, even in the coldest months.
  • Look for pastured poultry when purchasing roasting hens and turkeys for celebrations. Local producers often harvest them just before the holidays to ensure the freshest, most flavorful birds for your menu.

Beautiful and Green Decorating Choices

The festive feel of a beautifully decorated home is a huge part of making magical holiday memories for both families and their guests. Here are some great ideas for using environmentally friendly materials to create a memorable holiday decor.

  • Choose real trees that can be repotted into larger tubs or planted outdoors after the holidays. These are surprisingly affordable and available in most areas. Since many of these trees are smaller than a traditional holiday tree, consider creating an arrangement of decorated trees, instead of having just one. By elevating some of the trees on pedestals, the arrangement can mimic the shape of a traditional tree, while creating additional interest.
  • Purchase evergreen boughs, ivy and grapevines locally to make wreaths, swags and table decorations that look beautiful and smell even better. If possible, scour your back yard or consider foraging on a friend or family member’s property for these items, instead of purchasing them. Look for branches, evergreen trees with trimmable boughs, fallen pinecones, acorns, or red berries, such as those that are produced by holly trees. Once the holiday is over, these items can be added to compost piles, to continue their usefulness.

Cleaning Up, Before and After

Get the festivities off to a great start by using effective natural cleaners to remove dust, grime and fingerprints from walls, windowsills and surfaces in the home before the party and again, once the event is over.

  • A solution of common household vinegar and water will make windows, mirrors and surfaces shine.
  • Freshen carpets by sprinkling a fine dusting of baking soda over them. Leave the baking soda in place for a few hours to absorb odors, and then vacuum thoroughly.
  • For tougher cleaning jobs, cover citrus peels with white vinegar in a tightly closed jar and allow the solution to steep for at least a week. Use a soft cloth moistened with this solution to clean surfaces. The citrus oils and vinegar work extremely well on greasy dirt, and leaves a wonderful scent behind.
  • If you need help with cleaning up before or after, consider choosing the services of a professional cleaning company that is committed to using environmentally friendly practices.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can include eco-friendly ideas into your holiday festivities. In addition to being good for the earth, they can be surprisingly cost-effective. Make this holiday season the best one ever, go green!

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