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One Simple Step to Less Stress & More Joy-Filled Time With Your Family

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Remember how it felt when you were expecting your first child? You were going to be “those parents”. You know, the ones with the spotlessly clean homes, smiling children and perfectly manicured lawns?

Then the children began to arrive and your fantasy bubble popped in a loud, rather rude fashion. Instead of daydreaming about parental perfection, you began to fantasize about more mundane things like a goodnight’s sleep, not being disturbed while in the shower, and a kitchen floor that didn’t stick to your bare feet. 

Delegation is Good

Stressed out parents are often guilty of holding themselves to a higher standard, believing that they must be able to do everything by themselves with perfect results. Then when they fail or problems arise, more stress is layered on until they fear the joyful parenting they yearn for will never happen.

The simple truth is that parenting is the most important work you will ever do, but it is challenging and time-consuming. Delegating necessary chores like cleaning is the first step toward regaining your equilibrium as a parent and discovering the true joy that comes from nurturing your children and creating a happy home.

Choose Wisely, Then Get Back to Enjoying Family Time

Give your kids the gift of your time, but do it wisely by making smart choices, such as hiring a cleaning company that is as committed to your family’s health and happiness as you are. Mopfrog of Brooklyn is an eco-friendly cleaning company that uses all natural, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and methods to handle all your cleaning needs. With a customized cleaning regimen you will soon find that help with cleaning up messes you didn’t make relieves stress. What are you waiting for? Call now! 

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How to Tell Which Businesses Are Truly Green and Which Ones Are Not


Part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle means utilizing the products and services of companies who have the same values that you do. Finding these companies, however, can be difficult, especially when more businesses than ever before are using eco-friendly terms and phrases in their marketing campaigns. Since the consumer bears the ultimate responsibility of determining which business they should patronize, here are a few tips to help you sort through the clutter and find the ones that really do understand and promote environmentally friendly causes and lifestyles.

Skip the Ads and Check the Labels, Instead

While marketing campaigns are supposed to be factual and honest, the process of writing ad copy can sometimes blur the facts and imply things that may help win customers, even if these words are not technically true. When attempting to determine where the company truly stands on environmental issues, opt to skip the ads and instead search for the information you need by reading the product labels. Labeling laws exist in many industries to help instill consumer confidence in the product and ensure that the customer receives a reasonable product for the money.

Examples Worth Searching For

CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) 

  • To help improve indoor air quality the CRI created the Green Label Plus to help consumers identify carpet, adhesive and cushion products that comply with eco-friendly guidelines and meet stringent criteria for low chemical emissions.

Green Seal 

  • Products, services and businesses that display the Green Seal™ mark represents compliance with a rigorous certification process that ensures sustainability, as well as a commitment to safeguarding human health and the environment.

Safer Choice

  • A program designed in partnership with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps consumers select products that are safer, including toxicity and environmental safety.


  • A voluntary program under the EPA, products bearing the ENERGY STAR logo help businesses and individuals reduce energy consumption and in turn protect our planet.

Labeling information helps consumers make informed choices about the products they choose to buy and use or consume in their homes, but this type of information can also be useful when searching for services, such as those that help with cleaning and organization needs of the home. Mopfrog of Brooklyn, well-known for its commitment to environmentally conscious cleaning methods, is one of only a few cleaning companies to devote its business to the use of only cleaning solutions that meet standards for environment safety. Their staff is specially trained to clean and freshen your home in a way that will not add dangerous chemicals to your family’s home environment.

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Celebrate Your Freedom From Cleaning

Memorial Day

With all of life’s responsibilities, a little help around the house is what many both want and need. This holiday weekend there are many more enjoyable things to do than worry about household chores. Kick off your summer and relish in more leisurely time or outdoor activities with loved ones by hiring Mopfrog, the eco-friendly cleaning company. All locations, like Mopfrog of Danbury, have a reputation for excellence.

A professional, green cleaning from Mopfrog means that each room is thoroughly and properly cleaned. They know what makes a house look great and the difference is in the details. To ensure all surfaces are sanitized and sparkling, an extensive checklist is used for each cleaning.

Mopfrog does not just perform the standard maid service tasks. Their comprehensive service begins with removing cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners and dust from ceiling fans. With the use of microfiber cloths and Green Seal Certified™ cleaning solutions, the professionals then rid the home of allergens, bacteria and other indoor pollutants. Clients have full confidence knowing that everything from furniture to knickknacks, countertops to toilets, window ledges to doorframes, baseboards to light switch panels, and much more are left in pristine condition.

This year, leave the dirty work to the professionals and get the most out of your Memorial Day holiday. Savor the extra time out of the office by hosting a BBQ or visiting local beaches or parks. Whether you are enjoying a weekend getaway or sticking around on the home front, remember to pay homage to the fallen heroes of the armed forces.

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