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Easy Ways to Green Up That Summer Birthday Bash

Group of kids having fun at birthday party

Warm summer days are a great time for any family celebrations, especially children’s birthday parties! If you are planning a summer birthday bash for your child, or any family member, but want to make it as healthy and eco-friendly as possible without giving up any of the fun, these easy tips will help you green it up in fine style.

Lose the Paper

Traditional parties use a lot of paper and plastic! From invitations and gift-wrap to decorations and paper napkins, disposable paper and plastic goods empty our wallets, fill our garbage cans and waste precious resources. Instead, free your family from unnecessary paper and plastic by:

  • Skipping paper invitations – opt to send invitations electronically, such as evite, or even social media, instead.
  • Using colorful cloth napkins and tablecloths – consider starting a special family tradition by purchasing a special set of table linens that will only be used on special occasions.
  • Using real dishes and table ware – keep cleaning to a minimum by bussing the table frequently and loading the dishwasher as dishes are cleared away.
  • Incorporating party foods into the menu that do not require or minimize the need for dishes and flatware – such as cookies, wraps and raw organic veggie and fruit trays.
  • Omit cupcake liners – instead do like grandmother did and grease pans with oil and dust with flour for a non-stick finish that won’t send all those paper liners to the trash.
  • Purchase washable and reusable gift bags – use them to hold birthday gifts, party favors or to send home treats with guests.

Lose the Chemicals

From cleaning products to food dye, many products have unhealthy ingredients that can result in unhealthy exposure to chemicals. A birthday celebration is a great time to focus on freeing your home environment from these toxins. Here are five easy changes to get you started on the path to a healthier home:

  1. Use fruit juice to color frosting, instead of food dyes.
  2. Rid your home of toxic cleaners and commit to using safe, effective, all-natural ones, like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice to handle all your party cleaning needs.
  3. Celebrate the birthday outdoors and then strive to serve more family meals outdoors throughout the summer to benefit from the fresh air.
  4. Create a shoeless home environment for the party and continue it thereafter to instantly reduce the amount of toxins, including harmful lead that may enter the home.
  5. Make your home healthier for guests and your family by scheduling a pre-party visit from Mopfrog of North Buckhead, an eco-friendly cleaning company, to give your home a thorough clean. Enjoy more leisurely time and keep your home sparkling clean for months to come by scheduling routine appointments.
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