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Common Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Never Make

clean-571679_1280Cleaning chores are a necessary part of life, but they are also an activity that most of us want to zip through as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some of us tend to live on the edge when we clean, creating our own version of cleaning methods that look feasible but end up adding even more work to our cleaning routine. If you often find yourself frustrated at chore time, check out these common cleaning errors and the timesaving, efficiency boosting options for improving them.

Waste Not, Want Not – Get a Cleaner Clean

When faced with a greasy stove to clean or a bathtub ring that just won’t go away, it is hard to look at the label directions without thinking that using a half-bottle of cleaner will make the job faster than the quarter cup recommended by the manufacturer, but this is where you must be strong.

Using too much cleaner will not only leave residue, be difficult to rinse away and waste money, it can also pit the surfaces you are cleaning and make future cleaning chores even more difficult. Stick to the recommended amounts for the best results and add a bit of soaking time to the process for stubborn areas.

Dust Bunnies Here, Dust Bunnies There, Dust Bunnies Everywhere?

To win the dust bunny war, always dust with a microfiber cloth first in order to help attract and hold the dust. After dusting, vacuum the room and use the upholstery tool to quickly scan your furnishings. Investing in a HEPA vacuum will also help to remove fine particulates and indoor air pollutants.

Just Say No to Splatter!

When using spray bottles for cleaning or dusting, avoid splatter marks on mirrors, walls and surfaces by spraying the product directly on to absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths. Not only does this ensure the correct product is applied to the correct surface, but it creates less waste, thus saving you money on the frequency in which you replace your cleaning products.

Look Ma, No Paper Towel Woes Here!

Your parents may have used paper towels for cleaning chores, but you have a much better option! Instead of going through rolls upon rolls during your scrubbing sessions and adding to our overflowing landfills, invest in a few long lasting microfiber cleaning cloths. Absorbent, strong and reusable, they make quick work of cleaning and shining all the surfaces in your home.

Just Take Five…

The easiest – and fastest – cleaning routines are the ones that happen frequently. Instead of putting off cleaning chores until they become a huge mess, become a stickler for wiping down surfaces as you use them and scheduling quick daily straightening sessions in heavy use areas.

Remember, also, to take a break from cleaning by calling on an eco-friendly cleaning company like Mopfrog! Scheduling them to clean your home takes just a few minutes and you will soon see that those minutes were very well spent!

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