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Take the Drudgery Out of Home Cleaning With These Tips

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Keeping our homes clean is one way in which we strive to keep our families safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many of us fall into a cleaning rut and find ourselves devoting a large portion of our time to daily cleaning chores. If your cleaning routine has taken over your life, Mopfrog of Danbury offers some surprising ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on cleaning while still keeping your home clean and fresh.

Change up the Bathroom Cleaning Process

If you are cleaning your bathroom every day in an effort to control germs, you may be overdoing it. Instead, cleaning the toilet seat, handle and rim a couple of times a week is usually all that is necessary. For showers, hang a squeegee in the shower and ask bathers to give the door and tile surfaces a quick once-over after showering.

For sinks and tile surfaces, keep a supply of green cleaning products and washable microfiber cloths in the bathroom closet to use for daily spot cleaning. This will keep the bathroom looking good between deeper weekly cleanings, yet take little time and effort.

Reducing Laundry

Make everyone responsible for changing their own bed linens each week on laundry day, so that all linens can be washed in one or two laundry loads, instead of several. Mattress covers, liners and pads can be changed every few months, or for allergy sufferers, once per month.

Insist that all family members hang up their bath towels after use. This will allow them to dry and remain fresh for 2 or 3 days, greatly reducing the number of towels to be laundered each week. Like towels, nightwear can usually be worn for several nights before laundering.  

In most homes, cleaning should not become a daily ordeal. Instead, choose to manage it with a few minutes of spot cleaning each day, with a more in-depth weekly clean.  

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Real Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Laundry Products


As children, many of us were exposed to marketing jingles and colorful product labeling that may have unconsciously shaped our buying choices when we became adults. Nostalgically, we find ourselves staying true to some brands we knew in our childhood without questioning whether these products really align with our current values. Many of these product formulas were created before we became aware of how some of the ingredients affect our health and the environment.  

Old Reliable, But Risky Ingredients

Many traditional multi-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents and laundry products rely on harmful chemicals to provide a good cleaning experience. Many of these chemicals can create health risks to people, animals and aquatic life during exposure, or even years later, through the air, soil and ground water. To protect yourself and your family, learn to read the labels on cleaning products. Start by steering away from products that contain any of the following ingredients.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, commonly referred to as VOCs, are typically found in spray and aerosol products, such as room fresheners, disinfectants, paints and cleaning compounds that come in spray or aerosol form. With the potential to linger in the air even after the mist dissipates, people and pets are at risk of inhaling chemicals that have been associated with kidney, liver and central nervous system disorders. Symptoms of exposure include irritation to the nose, eyes or throat, as well as headaches and coordination issues, and can build up over time.


Phthalates are used in hundreds of applications ranging from detergents and insecticides to usage by plastic and vinyl manufacturers. Food packaging often contains these chemicals, to increase its flexibility. Phthalates are thought to be a carcinogen, as well as a cause of reproductive issues, particularly in men.


Once a popular ingredient in antibacterial wipes, gels, soaps and other compounds, triclosan has been removed from some products due to questions about possible links to endocrine disruption and antibiotic resistance in humans, but can still be found in other products. With more studies in progress, avoiding this chemical is advised.


One of a group of glycol ethers, 2-butoxyehtanol is a common ingredient in solvents, cleaning compounds, liquid soap, and other products. High-level exposure is known to cause serious health problems including liver and kidney damage and pulmonary edema, while cumulative exposure can result in neurological issues and blood related conditions, like anemia.

If you have been using traditional cleaning compounds that contain these or other harmful ingredients, learn to read labels and avoid purchasing any that are known or thought to cause health issues. Instead, opt to purchase environmentally friendly products or consider learning to use safe natural ingredients, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, as an effective, safe alternative to manufactured cleaning compounds.

To help remove harmful residues in your home from years of using traditional products, call Mopfrog of Lunenburg, an eco-friendly cleaning company. Their cleaning experts are specially trained to clean your entire home using only natural ingredients and environmentally friendly tools and methods. For a naturally clean, healthy home, call Mopfrog today!

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Why Cloth Diapers Are Healthier for Both Your Child & the Environment


Disposable diapers take up lots of valuable real estate on the shelves of grocery, convenience and retail stores alike. Unfortunately, they continue to take up a lot of space even after they are purchased. In fact, as much as 92% of all single-use, disposable diapers sold will make their way to landfills, ranking them as the third most likely single use item consumers put into the garbage each year. Once they arrive at the landfill, they are in no hurry to leave. In fact, some studies show that it can take from 250 to 500 years to fully decompose the average disposable diaper. If you are searching for the best diapering option for your baby, the environmental issues already mentioned are important considerations, along with child health concerns and overall cost factors.

Healthy Babies Require Healthy Diapers

The environmental issues associated with the use of disposable diapers poses a grave threat to the environmental health of our planet, but parents should also be aware that extended disposable diaper use may pose serious health risks for their child, as well. Disposable diapers have been found to contain Dioxin, a toxic substance that is leftover from the bleaching process used on the paper used in the diaper manufacturing process. Dioxin is a carcinogen that has been banned in many other countries and makes the list in the U.S. as the most toxic of all chemicals considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to be linked to cancer.

In addition to Dioxin, disposable diapers also contain:

  • Tributyl-tin – also called TBT, a known toxic pollutant that has been linked to hormonal changes
  • Sodium polyacrylate – a polymer similar to the substance that was found to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome in tampon users during the 1980s

Disposable Diapers Produce a Heating Effect

Male children who wear disposable diapers may be endangering their future fertility. Male babies who wore disposable diapers for long periods noted scrotal temperature rises. When encased in disposable diapers, the baby’s body is unable to cool down, as it is designed to do and elevated scrotal temps can create issues with sperm vitality.

Cost Factors 

Estimates suggest that the average baby will require some 6,000 diaper changes from birth to age two, costing approximately $800 per year for disposable diapers. Cloth diapers, however, are a one-time expense, that can be purchased for one child and then used with each subsequent child that arrives. In most cases, parents will require only about 6 dozen cloth diapers to care for their child’s diapering needs.

Laundering can be easily incorporated into the family routine or provided by a local diaper service. Mopfrog of Danbury, the Eco-friendly Cleaning Company, is there to help with the rest of the household chores. Their customized and flexible appointments make it easy to sleep like a baby after Mopfrog green cleaning.

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