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Real Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Laundry Products


As children, many of us were exposed to marketing jingles and colorful product labeling that may have unconsciously shaped our buying choices when we became adults. Nostalgically, we find ourselves staying true to some brands we knew in our childhood without questioning whether these products really align with our current values. Many of these product formulas were created before we became aware of how some of the ingredients affect our health and the environment.  

Old Reliable, But Risky Ingredients

Many traditional multi-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents and laundry products rely on harmful chemicals to provide a good cleaning experience. Many of these chemicals can create health risks to people, animals and aquatic life during exposure, or even years later, through the air, soil and ground water. To protect yourself and your family, learn to read the labels on cleaning products. Start by steering away from products that contain any of the following ingredients.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, commonly referred to as VOCs, are typically found in spray and aerosol products, such as room fresheners, disinfectants, paints and cleaning compounds that come in spray or aerosol form. With the potential to linger in the air even after the mist dissipates, people and pets are at risk of inhaling chemicals that have been associated with kidney, liver and central nervous system disorders. Symptoms of exposure include irritation to the nose, eyes or throat, as well as headaches and coordination issues, and can build up over time.


Phthalates are used in hundreds of applications ranging from detergents and insecticides to usage by plastic and vinyl manufacturers. Food packaging often contains these chemicals, to increase its flexibility. Phthalates are thought to be a carcinogen, as well as a cause of reproductive issues, particularly in men.


Once a popular ingredient in antibacterial wipes, gels, soaps and other compounds, triclosan has been removed from some products due to questions about possible links to endocrine disruption and antibiotic resistance in humans, but can still be found in other products. With more studies in progress, avoiding this chemical is advised.


One of a group of glycol ethers, 2-butoxyehtanol is a common ingredient in solvents, cleaning compounds, liquid soap, and other products. High-level exposure is known to cause serious health problems including liver and kidney damage and pulmonary edema, while cumulative exposure can result in neurological issues and blood related conditions, like anemia.

If you have been using traditional cleaning compounds that contain these or other harmful ingredients, learn to read labels and avoid purchasing any that are known or thought to cause health issues. Instead, opt to purchase environmentally friendly products or consider learning to use safe natural ingredients, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, as an effective, safe alternative to manufactured cleaning compounds.

To help remove harmful residues in your home from years of using traditional products, call Mopfrog of Lunenburg, an eco-friendly cleaning company. Their cleaning experts are specially trained to clean your entire home using only natural ingredients and environmentally friendly tools and methods. For a naturally clean, healthy home, call Mopfrog today!

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How to Tell Which Businesses Are Truly Green and Which Ones Are Not


Part of living an eco-friendly lifestyle means utilizing the products and services of companies who have the same values that you do. Finding these companies, however, can be difficult, especially when more businesses than ever before are using eco-friendly terms and phrases in their marketing campaigns. Since the consumer bears the ultimate responsibility of determining which business they should patronize, here are a few tips to help you sort through the clutter and find the ones that really do understand and promote environmentally friendly causes and lifestyles.

Skip the Ads and Check the Labels, Instead

While marketing campaigns are supposed to be factual and honest, the process of writing ad copy can sometimes blur the facts and imply things that may help win customers, even if these words are not technically true. When attempting to determine where the company truly stands on environmental issues, opt to skip the ads and instead search for the information you need by reading the product labels. Labeling laws exist in many industries to help instill consumer confidence in the product and ensure that the customer receives a reasonable product for the money.

Examples Worth Searching For

CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) 

  • To help improve indoor air quality the CRI created the Green Label Plus to help consumers identify carpet, adhesive and cushion products that comply with eco-friendly guidelines and meet stringent criteria for low chemical emissions.

Green Seal 

  • Products, services and businesses that display the Green Seal™ mark represents compliance with a rigorous certification process that ensures sustainability, as well as a commitment to safeguarding human health and the environment.

Safer Choice

  • A program designed in partnership with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that helps consumers select products that are safer, including toxicity and environmental safety.


  • A voluntary program under the EPA, products bearing the ENERGY STAR logo help businesses and individuals reduce energy consumption and in turn protect our planet.

Labeling information helps consumers make informed choices about the products they choose to buy and use or consume in their homes, but this type of information can also be useful when searching for services, such as those that help with cleaning and organization needs of the home. Mopfrog of Brooklyn, well-known for its commitment to environmentally conscious cleaning methods, is one of only a few cleaning companies to devote its business to the use of only cleaning solutions that meet standards for environment safety. Their staff is specially trained to clean and freshen your home in a way that will not add dangerous chemicals to your family’s home environment.

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Look to the Pantry for Non-Toxic Cleaning Power

clean your home with this cleaning supplies

Living a simpler, more healthful life is the goal for many families today and eliminating the use of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients from their home environment is a great way to accomplish this. If you would like to live in a naturally clean, fresh home, but aren’t sure where to begin, you can start by taking a short walk to your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

Basic Pantry Ingredients Have Provided Safe Cleaning Power for Generations

Our great-grandmothers did not have shelf after shelf of commercial cleaning products to choose from when they shopped, nor did they have the funds to purchase a product for each type of cleaning chore they needed to do. Instead, they opted for basic, economical ingredients that could be used in many different ways around the home. The cleaning needs of today can actually be handled just as effectively. Here are four of these very versatile ingredients and some information to help you get the best results from their use.

Baking Soda

Much more than just a rising agent for baked goods, baking soda is an inexpensive cleaning and freshening agent for many uses in the home, including:

  • A carpet freshener – just sprinkle onto carpets, allow to sit for a few hours or overnight and then vacuum off to refresh carpets and help remove odors
  • A safe cleanser for tile, porcelain, sinks and counters – sprinkle some on a damp sponge, scour and rinse to remove stains, odors and stubborn dirt
  • A polish for silver – make a paste of 3 parts baking soda and one part water and use to polish silver, then rinse and dry thoroughly
  • A laundry freshener – add one-quarter cup of baking soda per load to get cleaner, fresher laundry

Lemon Juice

Whether you use fresh lemons or bottled lemon juice, it has the power to:

  • Freshen the microwave – add one cup of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice to a microwavable glass cup or bowl, microwave on high until it boils and then turn it off and leave it inside the appliance for at least ten minutes to steam clean the interior before opening the door and wiping the interior clean with a soft dry cloth
  • Use 7 parts water and 1 part lemon juice to make a cleansing spray – use the spray to clean and sanitize glass, counters, and mirrors, as well as sinks, to remove grime and leave a lemony-clean scent

Washing Soda

Washing soda is found in the laundry section of most grocery stores and was once a staple in most homes. It comes in a large box that makes it very economical to use. This highly alkaline substance can help with cleaning tasks by:

  • Adding 1/4 cup to each load of laundry to boost detergent action
  • Adding 1/2 cup to a gallon of warm water to make a powerful, yet safe cleaner for floors and walls

Distilled White Vinegar

Most of us already have a bottle of distilled white vinegar on hand to use in recipes, but this tangy liquid is also a wonderful cleaning and freshening agent.
Use distilled white vinegar to:

  • Wipe window and door sills clean to remove much and stains and discourage insect activity
  • Use at 50/50 concentration with water as a spray to remove grease, clean glass, mirrors and sanitize cutting boards and food prep areas

If you have doubts about whether these cheap, readily available ingredients can handle tough cleaning tasks, consider scheduling an eco-friendly cleaning company, like Mopfrog of The Hamptons to come clean your home. Their all-natural cleaning methods have convinced thousands of customers that a natural clean is a healthy clean.

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