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What Mom Tried to Teach Us About Green Living

momvacuumMom taught us a lot while we were growing up. Thanks to her, we know some useful lessons to help us manage the care of our own families and homes. Much of what mom taught us is not only wise, but also frugal, healthy, eco-friendly and very relevant for today. If you are having trouble remembering all the lessons your mom tried to teach you, the list below may help refresh your memory!

Use it Up…

Growing up my mother always said, “waste not, want not.” This theory was applied to many areas, such as food or turning holed socks and worn out t-shirts into soft, absorbent cleaning cloths. Why spend money on expensive paper towels and dust mops when your family is always generating a constant supply of these cloths from their out-grown, worn or stained clothing items.

Use What You Have…

Purchasing special cleaners for each specific cleaning need can become very expensive, not to mention causing a storage problem. Instead, Mopfrog of Brooklyn, a family owned and operated eco-friendly cleaning franchise, suggests figuring out what you already have that can be used for special cleaning problems that crop up, such as:

  • Using ketchup to clean tarnish from copper cookware
  • Using toothpaste to polish silver
  • Using citrus peels to freshen smelly garbage disposals
  • Using salt to remove wine stains on carpet

Use a Good Daily Cleaning Strategy…

Grease, cooking spills and dirty fingerprints only get worse with time. Learn to keep a sink half-full of hot, soapy water and clean pots and pans, rinse dishes and load the dishwasher as you cook, instead of allowing these messes to sit for hours and become very difficult to clean.

Keep a spray bottle of a vinegar cleaning solution, containing your favorite essential oil, nearby while cooking to quickly and safely sanitize and freshen food prep and eating areas.

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Why Should I Have My Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Cleaning your carpet is not as simple as it seems. There are some important factors that you need to consider before even thinking about attempting to clean it on your own. You might be one of the homeowners asking the question of, “How often should my carpets be professionally cleaned.” The recommended time that should be left between each cleaning is about nine months.

It’s best as a homeowner to keep your eyes on the condition of your rugs and carpet to make sure that you schedule the help of a professional cleaning company before the carpet materials and fabrics start to break down. High traffic areas in your home will be the first areas to show signs of wear and tear.

It’s essential that you keep your eye on areas that are prone to getting dirty; such as, carpeted areas around door entries and pool areas. When you take care of the condition of your carpet, you are prolonging the life of it, carpets are not cheap and they do not have to be replaced just because they are dirty.

mopfrogroomHiring a professional cleaning company to clean the carpets in your home is a sure way of guaranteeing a professional job is done each time it’s needed in your home. Professional cleaning companies know what they are doing when it comes to cleaning. It is their area of expertise. They will also know the correct solutions to treat your carpets with and the cleaners will only use the most high-tech of cleaning equipment to achieve like-new results.

Again, cleaning carpets is not a job that you can do quickly. It requires preparation of the carpeted areas, and then it needs deep cleaning to ensure the very bottom fibers of the carpet are reached for a thorough job. The carpeted area will need to be left alone and not walked on until it has dried out properly. Most homeowners schedule their carpets to be cleaned when they are out of the house and at work. This means that by the time the working day has finished, the carpet will be nearly dry and looking great.

Having kids, pets and lots of family visiting can all take its toll on the carpet in your home. The carpet will soon become dirty and show visible signs of wear. The best option is to contact a professional cleaning company and ask what carpet cleaning services they have available to help you. Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a great option compared to the costlier option of having them replaced.

If you are in need of professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning service, like MopFrog, consider contacting a local, established cleaning company to guarantee quality work. Check current customer testimonials to make certain you are hiring a reputable company, and review the different services they provide. Many cleaning companies offer more than carpet cleaning. Don’t waste your precious weekend time on shampooing the carpets. Look to a professional that can help you take care of the carpet, so you can focus on other important things.

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