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Mopfrog Franchise FAQs

We understand that starting a new business venture is accompanied by a number of questions. For more details, please contact us to discuss the Mopfrog franchise opportunity.


  1. Why should I partner with Mopfrog?

At Mopfrog, we provide our franchisees with a proven, turn-key business solution, cutting your learning curve and shortening your route to success. Ultimately – why recreate the wheel when we have invested time, resource, knowledge and expertise in developing an established business model? Mopfrog takes the guesswork out of your business. Eco-friendly cleaning is a growing and lucrative, in-demand service. Let our team be your consultant, your partner and your key to success.

  1. What skills will I need to be successful at Mopfrog?

Given the extent of our experience, research and knowledge, the most important skill that our franchisees all have is motivation and ambition to succeed. At Mopfrog, our support and training teams will teach you how to run your business, day-to-day. While our franchisees all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, the characteristic that unites us all is – drive to grow, reach and surpass goals.

  1. Do I need previous experience in the house cleaning business?

No. Our comprehensive Initial Training will teach you and your team what true, eco-friendly cleaning is and the manner in which it is done.

  1. What are the start-up costs of owning a Mopfrog franchise?

The Initial Franchise Fee for owning your own business is only $19,500, with a 15% discount available to Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. To begin your operation, you will also make a one-time purchase of our Initial Kit, which includes everything you will need to begin operation of your business: proprietary, eco-friendly products, equipment and all supplies.

  1. Do I need an office to begin Mopfrog operation?

No. At Mopfrog, we do not require an office for your business operation. You can choose to begin operation from your home or small office (depending on your location, some states require an office for your business.)

  1. I am an existing owner of a cleaning business – can I still join Mopfrog?

Absolutely. Grow your business and increase your clientele base by offering a new breadth of eco-friendly service. Use our knowledge, research, expertise, branding and digital presence to help grow your existing business.

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