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Water Conservation Begins in the Home


The drought conditions in California have put water conservation issues back into the spotlight, and rightfully so. Clean, pure water is something that every living creature must have in order to survive, so it makes perfect sense for all of us to adopt and practice good water conservation measures in our homes and businesses.

The good news is that practicing water conservation in the home is not difficult, and with a bit of practice, will quickly become part of your family’s normal daily routine. Here are some simple changes you can make right now that will make a real difference.

In the Kitchen

  • For automatic dishwashing, skip the pre-rinse and run the machine only on full loads.
  • When washing dishes by hand, rinse in a partially filled sink, instead of running the tap.
  • Keep a pitcher of water filled in the fridge for daily drinking needs to eliminate running gallons of water down the drain each time someone is thirsty.
  • Instead of pouring unwanted drinking water down the drain, save it to water house plants each night.
  • Choose to compost daily food waste, instead of relying on your garbage disposal that not only requires an influx of water to operate properly, but also burdens home septic systems and public waste treatment facilities with unnecessary solids.

In the Laundry

  • Wash full loads, and use cold water for most or all of your laundry.
  • Cut down on washing towels by having each family member hang their bath towel between uses, instead of tossing it into the wash after just one use – in most cases, towels used to dry off from the shower or bath can be reused for 2-3 days before laundering and will eliminate several loads of laundry.
  • Eliminate commercial clothes dryer sheets and fabric softeners, which can leave residue on cloth fibers and make them take longer to dry, instead use a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to naturally freshen and soften laundry.

In the Bath

  • Install a fun timer in each bathroom and use it to teach kids to take shorter showers – (as a bonus, this one act will save not only water but several dollars on your home energy bill because less hot water will be needed).
  • Adopt water conservation practices for daily grooming, such as when brushing or shaving.
  • Install toilets that use the minimum amount of water per flush, and consider making flushing optional for children when urinating – if it’s yellow let it mellow, when it’s brown flush it down.

Water conservation is a critical issue for the health of the environment and the people, plants and animals who depend upon it. At Mopfrog, all locations, such as Mopfrog of North Buckhead, have adopted ways to conserve water. As an eco-friendly cleaning company, our goal is to ensure future generations enjoy the same access to a healthy water supply as we do.

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Take the Drudgery Out of Home Cleaning With These Tips

Housewife cleaning the kitchen

Keeping our homes clean is one way in which we strive to keep our families safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many of us fall into a cleaning rut and find ourselves devoting a large portion of our time to daily cleaning chores. If your cleaning routine has taken over your life, Mopfrog of Danbury offers some surprising ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on cleaning while still keeping your home clean and fresh.

Change up the Bathroom Cleaning Process

If you are cleaning your bathroom every day in an effort to control germs, you may be overdoing it. Instead, cleaning the toilet seat, handle and rim a couple of times a week is usually all that is necessary. For showers, hang a squeegee in the shower and ask bathers to give the door and tile surfaces a quick once-over after showering.

For sinks and tile surfaces, keep a supply of green cleaning products and washable microfiber cloths in the bathroom closet to use for daily spot cleaning. This will keep the bathroom looking good between deeper weekly cleanings, yet take little time and effort.

Reducing Laundry

Make everyone responsible for changing their own bed linens each week on laundry day, so that all linens can be washed in one or two laundry loads, instead of several. Mattress covers, liners and pads can be changed every few months, or for allergy sufferers, once per month.

Insist that all family members hang up their bath towels after use. This will allow them to dry and remain fresh for 2 or 3 days, greatly reducing the number of towels to be laundered each week. Like towels, nightwear can usually be worn for several nights before laundering.  

In most homes, cleaning should not become a daily ordeal. Instead, choose to manage it with a few minutes of spot cleaning each day, with a more in-depth weekly clean.  

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One Simple Step to Less Stress & More Joy-Filled Time With Your Family

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 2.59.12 PM

Remember how it felt when you were expecting your first child? You were going to be “those parents”. You know, the ones with the spotlessly clean homes, smiling children and perfectly manicured lawns?

Then the children began to arrive and your fantasy bubble popped in a loud, rather rude fashion. Instead of daydreaming about parental perfection, you began to fantasize about more mundane things like a goodnight’s sleep, not being disturbed while in the shower, and a kitchen floor that didn’t stick to your bare feet. 

Delegation is Good

Stressed out parents are often guilty of holding themselves to a higher standard, believing that they must be able to do everything by themselves with perfect results. Then when they fail or problems arise, more stress is layered on until they fear the joyful parenting they yearn for will never happen.

The simple truth is that parenting is the most important work you will ever do, but it is challenging and time-consuming. Delegating necessary chores like cleaning is the first step toward regaining your equilibrium as a parent and discovering the true joy that comes from nurturing your children and creating a happy home.

Choose Wisely, Then Get Back to Enjoying Family Time

Give your kids the gift of your time, but do it wisely by making smart choices, such as hiring a cleaning company that is as committed to your family’s health and happiness as you are. Mopfrog of Brooklyn is an eco-friendly cleaning company that uses all natural, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and methods to handle all your cleaning needs. With a customized cleaning regimen you will soon find that help with cleaning up messes you didn’t make relieves stress. What are you waiting for? Call now! 

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