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Real Reasons to Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Laundry Products


As children, many of us were exposed to marketing jingles and colorful product labeling that may have unconsciously shaped our buying choices when we became adults. Nostalgically, we find ourselves staying true to some brands we knew in our childhood without questioning whether these products really align with our current values. Many of these product formulas were created before we became aware of how some of the ingredients affect our health and the environment.  

Old Reliable, But Risky Ingredients

Many traditional multi-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents and laundry products rely on harmful chemicals to provide a good cleaning experience. Many of these chemicals can create health risks to people, animals and aquatic life during exposure, or even years later, through the air, soil and ground water. To protect yourself and your family, learn to read the labels on cleaning products. Start by steering away from products that contain any of the following ingredients.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, commonly referred to as VOCs, are typically found in spray and aerosol products, such as room fresheners, disinfectants, paints and cleaning compounds that come in spray or aerosol form. With the potential to linger in the air even after the mist dissipates, people and pets are at risk of inhaling chemicals that have been associated with kidney, liver and central nervous system disorders. Symptoms of exposure include irritation to the nose, eyes or throat, as well as headaches and coordination issues, and can build up over time.


Phthalates are used in hundreds of applications ranging from detergents and insecticides to usage by plastic and vinyl manufacturers. Food packaging often contains these chemicals, to increase its flexibility. Phthalates are thought to be a carcinogen, as well as a cause of reproductive issues, particularly in men.


Once a popular ingredient in antibacterial wipes, gels, soaps and other compounds, triclosan has been removed from some products due to questions about possible links to endocrine disruption and antibiotic resistance in humans, but can still be found in other products. With more studies in progress, avoiding this chemical is advised.


One of a group of glycol ethers, 2-butoxyehtanol is a common ingredient in solvents, cleaning compounds, liquid soap, and other products. High-level exposure is known to cause serious health problems including liver and kidney damage and pulmonary edema, while cumulative exposure can result in neurological issues and blood related conditions, like anemia.

If you have been using traditional cleaning compounds that contain these or other harmful ingredients, learn to read labels and avoid purchasing any that are known or thought to cause health issues. Instead, opt to purchase environmentally friendly products or consider learning to use safe natural ingredients, such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, as an effective, safe alternative to manufactured cleaning compounds.

To help remove harmful residues in your home from years of using traditional products, call Mopfrog of Lunenburg, an eco-friendly cleaning company. Their cleaning experts are specially trained to clean your entire home using only natural ingredients and environmentally friendly tools and methods. For a naturally clean, healthy home, call Mopfrog today!

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How Safe Are Your Cleaning Products?

green-cleaning-spray-bottlesMany popular mass-marketed cleaning products use persuasive language that promises consumers a more sanitary, more healthful home by choosing their product. While it may be true that their chemical composition will kill germs and bacteria, the potentially harmful effects of exposure to these chemicals may not be mentioned. In addition, many of these harmful chemicals have unfamiliar, hard to pronounce names that consumers may not recognize when reading the ingredient list.

The Who, What and Where of Potentially Harmful Cleaning Ingredients

This list focuses on helping consumers become more familiar with the chemical names of these harmful substances, as well as understand what problems they can cause and what type of cleaning product may contain them.

Ammonia (Azane)

This chemical has been used for cleaning for generations. Mass-produced and cheap, ammonia is found in many major brands of kitchen and glass cleaners, paint strippers, polishes, fertilizers, pesticides and adhesive removers.

The bad news is that ammonia is now known to irritate the respiratory tract, eyes and skin of those that are exposed to its fumes. To avoid the dangers of ammonia, consumers can opt to use the household staple, white vinegar, as an extremely effective substitute.

Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)

Similar to ammonia, bleach has been a household staple for decades. Bleach is found as a stand-alone product, as well as an ingredient in many detergents and laundry aids, automatic dishwashing products and disinfectant cleaners.

Bleach can cause severe skin and eye irritation, as well as respirator problems. More importantly, if accidentally mixed with other cleaning solutions, such as ammonia, it can emit poisonous gasses that are potentially fatal.

Today, households should banish bleach and replace with effective, natural solutions. Due to their antimicrobial properties, distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are both great substitutes for sanitizing. Hydrogen is also an effective whitener and can brighten your whites. Similarly, lemon juice can also provide a natural option for brightening laundry and removing stubborn stains.

Glycol Ethers (Ethylene Glycol Mon-Butyl Ether, EGBE, or 2_Butoxyethanol)

Many of the air freshening spray and mist products available today contain some form of glycol ethers, as well as popular glass cleaners, oven cleaners and spot removal products. Exposure to glycol ethers is now thought to cause serious health issues, like liver and kidney damage, as well as symptoms such as lethargy, nausea and fatigue.

Consumers may want to consider replacing any products that contain any form of glycol ethers with safe, natural and effective choices, such as white vinegar combined with essential oils to combat those tough cleaning jobs.

Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)

A common ingredient in household soaps, solvents, floor strippers, drain cleaners, oven cleaners and polishes, sodium hydroxide can actually cause poisoning when absorbed through the skin, inhaled or ingested. Additionally, the fumes from this chemical can irritate the eyes, respiratory tract and skin, when it is used without proper ventilation or protective clothing.

Consumers who want to avoid the dangers of exposure to sodium hydroxide can choose safe, natural alternatives such as vinegar, salt, lemon juice and baking soda to effectively clean and freshen drains, clean greasy ovens and even polish metals.

Opting For Health

These are just a few of the many chemicals commonly used in cleaning products sold today, as well as those used by the conventional cleaning industry. Consumers can lessen their risk to these and other chemicals by choosing natural cleaning agents and methods for their own homes, and by choosing professional cleaning services, like Mopfrog of South Milwaukee, who also embrace natural, more healthful cleaning options.

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This New Year, Start Fresh with a Mopfrog Cleaning

The New Year is a wonderful time of reflection and opportunity. It’s a great chance to spend time with those closest around you and look back on the great memories that you were able to make in 2014. It’s also a perfect time to think about all of the important lessons that you’ve learned during the previous year and take them with you into 2015 and beyond.

For many, the New Year is also seen as an opportunity to start a new. From that perspective, there really is no better way to start fresh – both literally and figuratively, than with Mopfrog, The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company. You definitely cannot ignore the array of benefits that come along with utilizing the truly, green cleaning services of Mopfrog.

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Why Use Mopfrog?

Cleaning your home on your own can be something of an uphill battle, even during the best of times. You have to manage all of your household chores along with your admittedly busy schedule. This is difficult during regular periods in the year, to say nothing of the challenge that it certainly represents when you’re getting ready for the holidays or are trying to clean up after all of your friends and family members have come and gone.

Instead of trying to tackle your entire home on your own, you can leave it to the experts at Mopfrog. We use state of the art equipment to get your home looking not just as good as new, but also healthier.

The multilevel HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners that we use, for example, are Carpet and Rug Institute Certified. The biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions that we employ to keep your home looking its best are Green Seal™ certified and Designed for the Environment (DfE). These certifications and approvals are important because it means that we’re using only the safest, most effective tools to remove and clean dust, dirt, bacteria and other obstructions from your home.

At Mopfrog, we also pride ourselves on using a wide variety of different green cleaning solutions and techniques that bring with them their own important benefits. For starters, green cleaning solutions are from naturally derived ingredients, are non-hazardous to humans and the environment, and clean your home just as well, if not better than their chemically intensive counterparts. If you are a pet owner, for example, green solutions won’t harm your furry friends and will allow your house to sparkle at the same time.

There are also a number of important health benefits that go along with green cleaning techniques that you really should know more about. If you have allergies, for example, our trained and talented professionals at Mopfrog will make sure that the air quality in your home is fresh and pure and that all airborne allergens and pathogens are a thing of the past.

They say, “Home is where the heart is,” which is why it is always so important to make sure that your home is not only looking its absolute best, but is also safe. Your home is where you spend a huge amount of your time. It’s where you come to unwind after a hard day at work or school. It’s also where you make wonderful memories with those closest to you that will last a lifetime. In 2015, Mopfrog, The Eco-friendly Cleaning Company will help maximize cleanliness in your home, as well as protect the health and wellbeing you and your family.


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