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This New Year, Start Fresh with a Mopfrog Cleaning

The New Year is a wonderful time of reflection and opportunity. It’s a great chance to spend time with those closest around you and look back on the great memories that you were able to make in 2014. It’s also a perfect time to think about all of the important lessons that you’ve learned during the previous year and take them with you into 2015 and beyond.

For many, the New Year is also seen as an opportunity to start a new. From that perspective, there really is no better way to start fresh – both literally and figuratively, than with Mopfrog, The Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company. You definitely cannot ignore the array of benefits that come along with utilizing the truly, green cleaning services of Mopfrog.

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Why Use Mopfrog?

Cleaning your home on your own can be something of an uphill battle, even during the best of times. You have to manage all of your household chores along with your admittedly busy schedule. This is difficult during regular periods in the year, to say nothing of the challenge that it certainly represents when you’re getting ready for the holidays or are trying to clean up after all of your friends and family members have come and gone.

Instead of trying to tackle your entire home on your own, you can leave it to the experts at Mopfrog. We use state of the art equipment to get your home looking not just as good as new, but also healthier.

The multilevel HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners that we use, for example, are Carpet and Rug Institute Certified. The biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solutions that we employ to keep your home looking its best are Green Seal™ certified and Designed for the Environment (DfE). These certifications and approvals are important because it means that we’re using only the safest, most effective tools to remove and clean dust, dirt, bacteria and other obstructions from your home.

At Mopfrog, we also pride ourselves on using a wide variety of different green cleaning solutions and techniques that bring with them their own important benefits. For starters, green cleaning solutions are from naturally derived ingredients, are non-hazardous to humans and the environment, and clean your home just as well, if not better than their chemically intensive counterparts. If you are a pet owner, for example, green solutions won’t harm your furry friends and will allow your house to sparkle at the same time.

There are also a number of important health benefits that go along with green cleaning techniques that you really should know more about. If you have allergies, for example, our trained and talented professionals at Mopfrog will make sure that the air quality in your home is fresh and pure and that all airborne allergens and pathogens are a thing of the past.

They say, “Home is where the heart is,” which is why it is always so important to make sure that your home is not only looking its absolute best, but is also safe. Your home is where you spend a huge amount of your time. It’s where you come to unwind after a hard day at work or school. It’s also where you make wonderful memories with those closest to you that will last a lifetime. In 2015, Mopfrog, The Eco-friendly Cleaning Company will help maximize cleanliness in your home, as well as protect the health and wellbeing you and your family.


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Do Green Products Actually Clean?

The practice of using chemical-laden products for home cleaning needs is under more scrutiny than ever before, due to concerns about the long-term effects of chemical exposure in our homes. Perhaps, you have not yet left chemicals behind for a safer, green cleaning routine in your home because you are afraid they will not be as effective as the products you are currently using. Here is some information that can put your fears to rest and help convince you that going green can provide an exceptional level of cleanliness, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Rely on Proven StandardsGreen Cleaning Products

The effectiveness of green cleaning methods, products and services is based on much more than just opinion. In fact, Green Seal™, a non-profit organization founded in 1989, uses rigorous testing and certification processes that are widely respected for validity, before awarding its prestigious Green Seal™ designation.

In addition, Design for the Environment, or DfE, is another designation that consumers should look for when choosing cleaning products and services. Under the EPA Partnership Program, products that bear this logo must meet certain standards ensuring they are safe for consumer use and provide effective cleaning power.

Rely on Simple Ingredients

To qualify for designations such as Green Seal™ or DfE, extensive testing is done on both the effectiveness of the cleaning product formula, as well as each ingredient that it contains. Unlike the commercial products with long complicated chemical names, these formulas embrace the effectiveness of simple, natural ingredients.

Test Them For Yourself

If you still have concerns about the effectiveness of green cleaning products, here is a simple test you can try in your own home, using a common ingredient you probably already have. Once you see how easy, inexpensive and effective green cleaning products, methods and services are, you will wonder why you waited so long to make the switch.

  • Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Hard water and mineral deposits are the reason that many people believe they must choose a harsh toilet bowl cleaner filled with chemical ingredients. These cleaners may work well, but they can also dull porcelain finishes, making them even harder to clean in the future. In addition, their chemical smell can be unpleasant and harmful for both people and pets in the household.

Instead, pour three cups of white household vinegar into your toilet bowl, swish around with a toilet brush and then let it sit overnight to work. In the morning, brush thoroughly and flush. The acetic acid in the vinegar kills bacteria, dissolves mineral deposits and freshens the toilet bowl, with no harsh fumes or high-priced chemicals.

If you are pleased with how well vinegar works to clean and freshen your toilet bowls, you will also be pleased to know that it is just one of many simple, but effective ways to green up your cleaning routine. Start today to make your home a safer place, by going green!

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