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8 Ways to Go Green This Year

Can it be possible to go green and save some money at the same time? Green is in and as people become more environmentally conscious, they are buying local, going organic and purchasing hybrids. What small changes can you do to leave the world a better place?

1. Be mindful about your electronics. Use smartphones, televisions and electronics as long as you can. This saves you money and reduces waste. Recycle them responsibly when the time comes.

2. Buy smarter. More information is out there to allow you to get the best deals on products. Buy dry food from bulk bins as your local supermarkets. Bring your shopping bags with you to reduce plastic bag consumption. Buy clothes that do not require dry cleaning. Save money and reduce toxic chemical use.

3. Borrow your next item. For books and movies, head down to a local library. If you have a Kindle or e-reader, they have books that you can access and enjoy in that format. Instead of buying a power tool, borrow from a neighbor or rent them. It is not like you will be using them every day.

4. Consider second hand. People often redecorate home or throw perfectly good items out when they downsize. Most items are great for a den or anywhere heavy use is expected. A nice antique might need a little reupholstering and will be a stylish addition at a fraction of the cost of new.

5. Think of purchasing a water filter. Say no to bottled water. This will reduce the amount of container waste in landfills. The BPA in many plastic containers is said to leach into the water itself, posing a possible risk to human health when consumed. A water filter reduces your expenditure, decreases reliance on petroleum to create plastic, and may be better for your health.

6. Walk and bike more. Consider the health benefits and the enjoyment of looking around while taking bipedal transportation. The cost of an average journey is zero. Get a bit of cardio, burn a few calories and connect with your outside environment. No harmful emissions is another benefit.

7. Reduce water usage. Farmers in California are experiencing one of the worst water shortages in years. Taking shorter showers, planting native plants and installing a low-flow showerhead will reduce personal water consumption and save on water bills.

8. Go with homemade cleaning supplies. Mopfrog of Danbury offers suggestions on non-toxic cleaning products. Make your own with simple ingredients in your pantry such as vinegar, baking soda, soap and lemon.


How to Debunk the Green Products from the Not So Green

When it comes to cleaning your home, you can’t go wrong when using green cleaning products. But many homeowners often find it difficult to determine regular cleaning products from green ones. After all, what determines whether or not a cleaning product is green? Here at Mopfrog, we only use green cleaning products, and we’d like to share a few tips with you about choosing eco-friendly products to clean your home with. 

Understand that there are many green products

From toilet bowl cleaners to moping products, there are many green cleaning supplies for you to take advantage of. In fact, did you know that Americans spend around $600M each year on cleaners? And this is just the monies they spend on products that are supposedly eco-friendly. 

Purchase from retailers you trust

Although many cleaning products claim to be eco-friendly, this doesn’t mean they are. This is why you should always purchase your cleaning supplies from retailers you trust. More importantly, purchase the products from companies that go to great lengths to prove how green their products really are. 

Always look for third-party certification

Next, you’ll want to make sure the products you are investing in have certification of some sort through a third-party. There are two primary third parties that you should look for approval from, including EcoLogo and Green Seal. When purchasing cleaning supplies that have been approved by these parties, you can rest assured that they are eco friendly. In order to receive certification through these two entities, a product must go through extensive industry-standard cleaning tests. All ingredients must be disclosed as well as the possible effects if the product was to be ingested. 

Furthermore, products that are friendly to the environment will have went through testing that ensures they don’t have negative effects on the planet, including both human and nonhuman life. The products must be biodegradable, and they can’t be acutely toxic to fish or algae. Additionally, there is a limit on the amount of phosphorous that the products can contain. And lastly, the products must be packaged in containers that are recyclable. 


If you’re looking for green cleaning products, your best bet is to invest in ones that have the Green Seal. And don’t forget that when taking advantage of Mopfrog’s cleaning services, your home or business will always be cleaned using today’s latest environmentally-friendly cleaners. 



How to Choose the Right Professional Cleaning Company

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy cleaning or not, your house needs to be cleaned regularly. Thankfully, if you don’t have the motivation or time to clean your home, you can always turn to the first-class services provided by Mopfrog of Loudoun, an eco-friendly cleaning service provider that is ready to meet all of your cleaning needs. Here’s a quick look at a few tips for choosing a professional cleaning company and why you should take advantage of Mopfrog’s services. 

How many rooms need to be cleaned?

The first factor you’ll want to consider is how many rooms need to be cleaned? If you have a rather large house, then you’ll need to hire a cleaning service provider that has the time to clean each room, which may mean spending several hours at your house each week rather than only one or two. 

Are there children living in your home?

If you have children living in your home, the cleaning process will likely take longer than if there weren’t kids. And depending on the exact services that you purchase, having children in the home may increase the cleaning costs. For example, if you pay someone to clean your children’s bedrooms but they have to spend 30 minutes picking up toys before they can even start cleaning, then they will likely charge you more for having to pick up after your children. This is completely okay, but you need to make sure you find a cleaning company that is willing to include "picking up" within their service options. 

Are eco-friendly products being used to clean the home?

Using eco-friendly products to clean your home isn’t just about being friendly to the environment. It’s about keeping your family safe and healthy, as well. Here at Mopfrog, we use eco-friendly products within all of your cleaning operations. Our primary goal is to provide spotless cleaning each and every time we enter into your home, and we value open communication and our ears are always listening for your feedback. 

What services are provided?

Lastly, you’ll want to take into the consideration the exact cleaning services that are offered by a cleaning company. For instance, if you are wanting basic cleaning services — not deep cleaning — then you need to make sure these services are offered. At Mopfrog, we offer a variety of services ranging from ultra-basic cleaning to extensive deep cleaning. Whether it be your home, garage, or even a business office, we are ready to meet all of your cleaning needs in Loudoun.