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Why Should I Adopt Green Cleaning Practices

With the abundance of low-cost commercially available cleaning products, you may be asking yourself why should you consider switching to greener solutions? The answer is simple. Green cleaning products and practices are healthier for you and your family. In addition, green products do not harm the environment like the harsh chemicals in other cleaners do. Need more convincing? Here are some of the positive benefits of switching to greener cleaning methods.

Health Risks of Traditional Cleaners

Traditional household cleaners may get your floor sparkling clean, but what are they leaving behind? These products contain many chemicals that are known carcinogens and neurotoxins that can cause a host of medical ailments with long-term exposure. This poses a serious risk when you think about walking barefoot on your floor or letting your baby crawl on it. Many of these products also release vapors into the air that are inhaled. In fact, many bathroom cleaners are so harsh that they can cause respiratory distress in even healthy individuals. Green cleaners that contain natural ingredients pose no health risk to your family.

Environmental Damage

In addition to causing a health threat, chemical-infused cleaners present a very real danger to the environment as well. They release harmful vapors into the air and create havoc when rinsed down the drain and released into the sewer system. Natural products do not pose any of these risks and often help to reduce water and energy consumption.

Adopting Green Cleaning PracticesKnow What Is In Your Home

Consumers who think that reading product labels will help them weed out the bad cleaners are in for a surprise. There are no regulations that require cleaning labels to list all of the ingredients. The fact of the matter is, you just never know what is in the spray bottle that you put on your kitchen counter. Switching to green products and practices ensures that you know exactly what you are bringing into your home.

If cleaning is not your cup of tea, leave the dirty work to the professionals. When hiring a residential cleaning service, it is crucial to choose a cleaning company that implements sustainable business practices and utilizes certified, non-toxic cleaning products.

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Green Cleaning Products That Really Work: Ten of the Best!

A visit to the grocery store cleaning products aisle can be a scary place. All those bottles of colorful liquids are confusing and expensive. Even worse, they are chock full of unpronounceable chemicals and carry rather scary warning labels. You might be surprised to learn that the average pantry already has ten of the best cleaning agents ever invented, and most are safe to eat!

Top 10 Green Cleaning ProductsFrom Your Pantry: Ten Safe and Effective Cleaning Agents

One: Baking Soda

A deodorizer and scrubber, baking soda is an ideal multi-purpose cleaner and great substitute for scrubbing surfaces without scratching. Already famous for removing refrigerator and freezer odors, it is also a gentle, but effective cleanser for tubs, tile, counters, appliances and sinks.Combined with distilled white vinegar, baking soda can also help unclog drains.

Two: Distilled White Vinegar

A staple condiment found in pantries, distilled white vinegar is an effective, non-toxic cleaning solution with numerous uses. Truly a multi-purpose, white vinegar’s high acidic content makes it an effective alternative for removing stains and spills, cleaning surfaces, removing soap residue, polishing fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, keeping glass sparkling, and much more.

Three: Hydrogen Peroxide (3% concentrated)

The brown bottle found in your medicine cabinet to disinfect cuts and scrapes is the perfect natural alternative for sanitizing surfaces. Due to its oxidizing properties,  hydrogen peroxide is an effective cleaning agent in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as eliminating stains. It works especially well on food preparation surfaces and as a stain remover in the laundry.

Four: Club Soda

Club soda is also an excellent stain remover, particularly effective to keep spills from staining carpets and clothing.

Five: Kosher Salt

Naturally abrasive, kosher salt is a safe for cleaning cast iron cookware or add it to baking soda, and a squirt of dish liquid to form a sudsy soft scrub compound that really works.

Six: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice’s whitening action and fresh scent make it perfect for cleaning stained counters and surfaces. Its acidic properties also help cut grease.

Seven: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Organic virgin olive oil and a soft cloth are all that is needed to clean and protect find wood surfaces. Simply rub on, and buff off for a great shine with no build up.

Eight: Cornstarch

Cornstarch can be used in many ways around the house. One of the most surprising ways is using it to remove greasy spills on carpets. Simply pour cornstarch on the greasy area, wait a half-hour and vacuum.

Nine: Borax

Borax is an excellent cleaning and laundry agent. Capable of freshening surfaces, deep cleaning and disinfecting.

Ten: Corn Meal

Like cornstarch, corn meal is perfect for sprinkling onto spills on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Let it sit for a while and then vacuum to remove both the corn meal and the spill.

For more information regarding all-natural cleaning products, contact Mopfrog today.

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Important Points to Consider Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Have you ever thought about hiring a home eco-friendly cleaning service? There are so many cleaning companies out there that you can be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the right company. When you hire a cleaning company, like Mopfrog, you are looking for high results every time your house or commercial property needs cleaned.  Let’s take a look at the main points to consider by anyone looking at hiring a cleaning company.

Make a Shortlist

If you are searching for the right cleaning company to carry out your cleaning, make a shortlist of the top five companies you would trust in your personal space. Arrange face-to-face interviews with any prospective companies and make sure that you feel comfortable with them and their services. What you are looking for in a cleaning company is reliable, consistent levels of service, and the same cleaning crew each time your home is cleaned.

mopfrog-windowcleanerIs the Company You are Looking to Hire Licensed and Insured?

Before hiring any cleaning company, it is essential you find out if that company and its employees are insured.  You need to know that the company is covered to replace anything that is broken or damaged while cleaning duties are carried out. You also need to find out who will be paying medical bills in the unlikely event that someone is injured while working on your property.

What Are Your Cleaning Requirements?

It’s important to know what you want when it comes to scheduling your cleaning. Make sure that you write down all cleaning chores that you require to be done and also how routine you want the cleaning carried out .e.g. once a week, twice a month, etc. Again, make sure that you detail all that you want cleaned, windows, kitchen, and bathrooms. Whatever you need to clean, highlight it, present the list to the retrospective cleaning company, and ask them if they can do it. No point in paying for a service that can’t be done or you don’t get!

Make Sure You are Happy with the Fees

The one thing you need to sit down and agree with any cleaning company is the prices that you will be charged for their services. You need to be sure that you are happy with the charges and fees and that there are no hidden costs or extra charges thrown in when least expected.

Most professional cleaning companies will arrive with their own cleaning products and equipment; make sure that the cleaning company you hire is one of those prepared companies. You don’t want a team of cleaners turning up at your home with no equipment, especially if you have already paid up front for their services.

Hiring a cleaning company to clean your home is an efficient way to ensure your home is cleaned to a very high standard.

If you feel your time is already pressed and you are tied up with previous arranged commitments, then hiring a cleaning company is the best option for you. Simply contact the best cleaning company in your area that provides and guarantees high quality services every time it is asked of them.

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